Unmasking Cinnamon by Eve Knight

Unmasking Cinnamon by Eve Knight
Publisher: Cobblestone Press LLC
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (49 pages)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Review by: Tiger Lily

Sneaking into a masquerade party provides Stephani with the perfect cover as the sultry siren Cinnamon. Will her secrets remain hidden once Chad, her willing playmate for the evening suspects her to be a woman he loved but lost? Can he unmask Cinnamon to again love the real woman underneath?

She wants to be with the only man to ever make her scream. He wants to rekindle a love with the woman who holds his heart. Then he meets Cinnamon. Is she his first love? Or a new love who’s a flash from the past? Read Unmasking Cinnamon to find out the rest of the story.

Ms. Knight writes an interesting story of a love gone wrong and then redeemed. I liked the sumptuous atmosphere of the party and how quickly Chad and Cinnamon (aka Stephani) found each other. You felt like you were one of the revelers.

As the heroine, I initially felt Stephani came across as a bit of a snob and a social climber. Yes, she wanted to be loved, but she made it seem like money made her tick more than the man she loved. You have to log in to the particular site and fill up some general information secretworldchronicle.com viagra levitra cialis of yours and get the medicine sitting at home. In order to help you with a few guides about controlling blepharitis, free prescription for levitra some of important instructions are given below: Heart health: reported byAmerican Heart Association,men are more likely to experience sexual side effects. Following a thorough examination, a course levitra 20 mg secretworldchronicle.com of treatment will be given. Symptoms:Kamagra is a online pharmacy sildenafil safe ED drug treatment and does not result in symptoms by and large. But, I liked how she grew as a person through the story. I respected her decision to keep up her guard until the last moment. The reader could identify with her strength.

As the hero, I thought Chad could’ve been a bit stronger. He made no qualms with the indiscriminant sex, but as with Stephani, he redeemed himself and made me really like him as the hero. He poured his heart out for the woman of his dreams and showed he wasn’t the superficial jerk she thought he was. This story showed people could change if they truly wanted to.

The love scenes in this novella scorched the pages. Although the first few times seemed like a pent up release, once the lovers realized the identities, the passion flowed and made the story powerful.

If you want a story that will keep you engrossed from page one, then you need to read Unmasking Cinnamon. I give this novella 4 cherries.


  1. George Allwynn says

    Eve Knight can seriously weave some tales! Her imagination is sublime and I have heard nothing but good things coming from her stories. She is definately an author I would like to hear more of.
    If you haven’t had a chance to read her stories, you are missing out on one creative mind! She just keeps inmproving – like a fine wine!

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