Unjustly Accused by Shayne Carmichael

Unjustly Accused by Shayne Carmichael
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Historical, Paranormal
Length: Short
Other: M/M
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Review by Lilac

In 1873 Arizona, were fox Kenny Hawkins is in a world of trouble. Accused of embezzling from the bank he works at, Kenny is on the run. There’s only place to go, the town he grew up in. Kenny hides out in the caves near Crystal Springs, trying to heal from being shot. Unfortunately, Silas Everett, the owner of the bank and real embezzler, is hot on Kenny’s trail.

When he’s discovered by his old childhood friend, and teenage infatuation, Nigel Garrett, Kenny finds the love he has always been looking for. But he also realizes nobody will accept the relationship between two men.

Kenny has the proof to clear his name, and he takes the chance to return to Gold City. Will he be able to reveal the truth before Everett or the were tribe catch up to him? And even if his name is cleared, what chance does he have to be with Nigel in a world where men simply don’t belong together?

In this historical romance, two old friends rekindle a friendship that quickly leads to more.

Accused of a crime he didn’t commit, werefox Kenny Hawkins flees the town of Gold City armed with the proof that could clear his name. He seeks refuge in the caves near his hometown of Crystal Springs. As he recovers from a gunshot wound, he can’t help but remember his childhood friend, Nigel Garrett and the infatuation he never quite got over. Now the local Sheriff, Nigel also remembers the feelings he once had for his friend, Kenny. And as the two are reunited their friendship progresses into something more as a relationship develops.

Kenny and Nigel are fascinating characters and I felt for these young men as I realized the prejudice and difficulties they would face because of their relationship and the time period. I could easily understand their doubts and I was touched by their friendship and relationship and how the years apart hadn’t seemed to cause it to fade at all.

Things get tied up quite rapidly regarding both the crime and Kenny and Nigel’s relationship which all felt a bit rushed to me. It was interesting how the two fell back into the easy relationship they once shared and how it very quickly developed into something more. It all happened a bit too quickly for me to truly believe, but I did enjoy their relationship.

As for the crime Kenny was accused of, I felt there were a few loose ends regarding Silas Everett that I would have loved to have seen tied up. I also wish more attention had been paid to the paranormal aspects of the story as they truly fascinated me. Kenny’s abilities as a werefox and the tribe of weres intrigued me and I would have loved to have known a bit more.

Overall, this was an interesting paranormal western about two men reconnecting and finding a love they had thought lost forever.

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