Tzara’s Heart by Drea Riley

Tzara’s Heart by Drea Riley
Publisher: Red Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Holiday, Valentine’s Day
Length: Short Story
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Hibiscus

Oh! No! Alone for Valentine’s Day or is she?

Working on a special dessert order for a customer reminded Tzara Johnson that she would be spending Valentine’s Day alone. It also rekindled daydreams about the one man whom Tzara thought was more delicious than any dessert on Earth.

Jason Martin is the contractor that revamped her house a year ago. And the man who has held the leading role in all of Tzara’s fantasies every since then. Hearing from Jason on Valentine’s Day was the perfect opportunity to make her heart’s wish comes true.

Can a fantasy turn into a real life experience or will it be all in her mind?

I loved Tzara’s Heart. I thought it was a very sweet story of two people who meet in a working relationship and do nothing personal but then are lucky enough to be given another chance.

Tzara Johnson is a strong businesswoman who knows what she wants out of life and works hard to accomplish it. She is running a successful bakery with a unique twist out of her grandmother’s home. She uses edible rose petals on her desserts. She finishes her cake with her own special roses and has it delivered to the customers. I saw how Tzara longed for a contractor who had worked on her kitchen months ago and her happiness when he left a message on her machine. I could tell that Tzara was a sweet, traditional girl when she wears a turtleneck dress that falls to her knees.

Jason Martin is a huge hunky carpenter who finally gets up the nerve to call Tzara and ask her on a date on Valentine’s Day. He is all that I could hope for in a sexy male. And he can cook on top of everything else. He talks with his mother on the telephone and is considerate of both Tzara and his mom at the same time. When he remained standing waiting until Tzara was seated, he showed how much of a gentleman he was. I melted when Jason swept Tzara up into his arms and carried her to his room.

Tzara’s Heart gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling as I read it. I would recommend this as a must read not only for Valentine’s Day but for anytime you need a lift and want to cheer for the good guys.


  1. I agree..wonderful wonderful story…delicious, sexy, satisfying. -Jeanie and Jayha

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