Twice the Pleasure by Carolina Barbour

Twice the Pleasure by Carolina Barbour
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full (271 pgs)
Other: M/F, M/F/M, M/M/F, Spanking
Rating: 3.5 Cherries
Review by Lilac

Jayce is a pretty face, a gambler, and deadly. When a poker game goes bad, she is forced to flee and ends up in the arms of a nefarious Mexican. Two dangerous, appealing strangers come to her rescue. A gambler at heart, Jayce bets against the odds. Her sexual attraction for both men is nothing but curiosity.

Forging into the forbidden pleasures of menage a trois is not an easy decision for Jayce. The Banner brothers’ superior art of seduction becomes too much even for her bluff. With the last hand dealt, Jayce realizes she doesn’t have an ace in the hole. Finally, unable to resist, she tosses in her hand, succumbs to the allure of desire and lust, and takes the biggest gamble of her life in the arms of twin pleasures.

Twice the Pleasure is a highly erotic historical full of passion and intrigue.

With vivid descriptions the author really sets the scene as we meet Jayce, a young woman who has made her life as a gambler. On the run following a poker game gone bad, she meets up with Gavin and Zane Banner, two brothers who have been framed for the murder of their stepmother and a sheriff. Gavin and Zane are both attracted to the young beauty and soon the three share some passionate encounters as they journey together. But when their pursuers catch up with them, the three find themselves in a mess of trouble.

I was fascinated by the main characters of this story, all of whom are of mixed heritage, a fact that I found quite interesting and felt really added to the story. Jayce is an intriguing individual with a painful past. Unused to having people care about what happens to her, she is reluctant to trust Gavin and Zane and often finds herself in one mess after another because of her impulsiveness.

Gavin, meanwhile, is intrigued by the woman but as he watches Jayce with Zane, he finds himself dealing with some unexpected feelings of jealousy. He begins to care for Jayce in a way he never expected, but knows that a relationship between them could be difficult.

As for Zane, he is a quiet, yet strong character. He loves his brother and is willing to do anything to protect him and those they care about. When the brothers finds themselves facing a murder trial, Zane hires a young female lawyer and a secondary romance blossoms between the pair as they work together on the case. I was a bit surprised by this relationship, but I really enjoyed it.

All of these characters, along with the plot, come together to form a fascinating story. As for that plot, it centers mostly on a murder trial full of twists and turns that I never saw coming. I was especially surprised by the ending and I applaud the author for the choices she made with this revelation.

However, despite my enjoyment of the overall story there were a few things I felt were a bit weak and that left me with some questions. There are some story threads or twists that seemed a bit unfinished, as if something were missing as we moved forward in the story.

But despite this, I would say Twice the Pleasure is a great read that I enjoyed reading.

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