Tuesday Spotlight: Pauline Baird Jones

LASR listers that attend the Wednesday chats, know I love me my Diet Dr. Pepper™. I’ve read all the emails about how awful all those chemicals are for my body and my brain, but I believe—through anecdotal experience—that Diet Dr. Pepper™ is key to my writing process, particularly in proximity to chocolate consumption. If there isn’t a can of that particular soda close at hand, then my muse does not show up until it does.

I don’t know why my particular muse is so partial to Diet Dr. Pepper™. I can totally not drink it when I’m not writing, but if my screen has Word pulled up and a blank file waiting for words, it’s not getting filled without Diet Dr. Pepper™.

My muse appears to be flexible on the subject of chocolate. I rotate between Twin Bings, which I have to import, btw, because you can’t buy them where I live. I also import Idaho Spud candy bars. It’s not as easy as you’d think to get them. I can only order them when it’s cold here in Houston, which doesn’t happen that often. Nor does it always stay cold enough, from when I place the order to when I get my order, for no melting to occur. Sadly, I will eat them anyway, but I prefer them in their proper, unmelted form.

I also rotate in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Pearson’s Salted Nut Rolls—my only non-chocolate indulgence—if we don’t count Fig Newtons, which I’m not. And then there are the holiday variations. I like anything both chocolate and coconut. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to track down Limited Edition Coconut M&Ms last year.

It might be sad (okay, maybe it is sad), but I give my food dysfunction partial credit for not only finishing Girl Gone Nova, but also my Steampunk romance novella, Tangled In Time. My muse and I have no trouble sharing credit with Diet Dr. Pepper™ and chocolate—as long as they don’t want a cut of my royalties.


  1. Hi Pauline, A muse wants what a muse wants and you can’t deny it,lol. I’ve never heard of Twin Bings before? I live in WA state so Idaho Spuds are everywhere. They are not pototoes in chocolate if anyone is wondering the name. I love chocolate in every form, and my new craze is chocolate with a bit of salt on it,yum.

  2. Pauline, enjoyed this! I have never heared of Twin Bings or Idaho Spuds- haven’t seen either here in East TN. But I love chocolate, so I think I’ll try to track these down.

  3. @ Dena — oooh, love the choc/salt thing! We got a taste of some dark choc at Christmas with big chunks of salt. It was SO good! I do wish my muse had better taste. LOL!

    Twin Bings are choc/w cherry cream center. The choc has crushed peanuts in it. Twin is for two of them per bar. YUM!

    @ Christy – I can’t find them here either and as I mentioned, getting them by mail can be challenging. I always seem to run out in August. I usually order a couple of boxes (of each) and freeze them.

    The Idaho Spuds are dark choc w/sprinkling of coconut over this sort of foam of light choc. Also YUM!

    I had to integrate the other choc for times when it was too hot to get my favs. LOL!

  4. Hi, Pauline! All those goodies sound way better than just good…especially the Pearson’s Salted Nut Rolls! Love that sweet and salty combo! The best of both worlds : )

  5. thanks for stopping by, Virginia! I do love the salted nut rolls. They take me back in time. Love ’em when I was young, love them now!

  6. Pauline, nothing like a little chocolate to offer some encouragement! hehe. I do Vermont Nut Free Chocs though since my 3 year old has a peanut allergy.

    Good luck with Girl Gone Nova!


  7. Thanks, Steph! those sound good, too, though I think we’ve established that I like candy. LOL!

  8. My father loved Twin Bings. I’ve never been able to try one. They just don’t look right. I used to eat Werther’s butterscotch hard candies while I write. But when I wrote a love (okay, sex) scene once, I crunched so many so quickly that it made my teeth hurt for a week!

  9. Maybe if you go the three bing Bing, it wouldn’t look so wrong. LOL!

    LOL about the candy story, too.

    And thanks for stopping by!

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