Tuesday Spotlight: Inez Kelley

Welcome back! It’s Tuesday and around the Inez household, that means dirty linens. Towels, bed sheets, etc, all get washed on Tuesdays. I can’t be the only person in the world with a set day of the week to do certain things, can I? I refuse to do laundry (except emergency ‘Mama, I can’t find my jersey’ or ‘he puked!’ type laundry) on Mondays. Monday suck hard enough without adding piles of smelly clothes on top of it. So Mondays my washing machine rests. Tuesdays it is linens.

Today I also want to tell you a bit about book #1 in the Dirty Laundry series, COIN OPERATED by Ginny Glass. Ginny is a debut author and this is her first release but oh my, she has a turn of phrase that is damn near poetic. Her story centers around Bea and Eli, a very willing Submissive and a very reluctant Dom but there is not a handcuff, a whip or a paddle in sight. No, this series is about secrets. Those secret desires have kept the co-workers apart for years but no longer.

Eli is afraid of the dark sexual urges that lurk under his skin as he watches Bea. She couldn’t possibly be interested in something so ugly in him. She deserves better, sweeter, gentler than his twisted fantasies of her hands tied behind her back with silk ribbon. Little does Eli realize Bea senses his dominate streak and craves it, in every dark, delicious way. Now how can she get him to understand that one man’s kink is another woman’s craving? Well, it starts with his dirty laundry and ends with some quarters…


“What am I begging for, Eli?”

“Someone to take control. Someone to teach you new ways to scream.”

Elijah Elliot and Beatrix London’s fledgling ad agency is under siege. Not from outside competition but by Eli and Bea’s unspoken lust for each other. As their unsatisfied cravings to dominate and submit bloom into vivid daydreams, the office becomes a minefield of frustrated needs and dangerous desires. Now something’s gotta give or their partnership is going to self-destruct.

When Bea unveils a racy new light bondage ad campaign for their key client, she pushes Eli to cross the line he’s drawn between them—the one that keeps him from doing all the hot, sinful things she imagines he’s capable of…

Stop by tomorrow and don’t forget about the chance for the prize of a DIRTY LAUNDRY BASKET.


  1. Hmm… Inez, sounds like Eli and Bea are really a match made in heaven 😉 Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Sounds great! I love a little light bondage.

    I do laundry on the weekends. Sucks.


  3. I do laundry when I run out of towels or underwear so no particular day of the week.

  4. Mmm, yum. I like a girl who knows what she wants and goes for it!

  5. I can’t tell whether we are the cleanest family around or the dirtiest! Laundry is never ever completely done.

  6. Coin Operated sounds super hot! I’ll have to add that to my MR list.
    There’s just 2 of us and I can get it all done in one day. Sometimes I’ll do an odd load, but that’s an emergency load.

  7. Late spring,summer & early fall laundry depends on the weather.. I line dry when ever I can.

    Coin Operated is on my wishlist.. now just wishing the bills would shrink like my clothes so I could get it quicker..lol

  8. This one sounds good!

  9. Well that just sounds freaking hot!

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