Thursday Spotlight: Annie Marshall

It’s Thursday and the real question is why did I decide to write about romance? And the truth is…

I’m an Army wife to a modern day warrior that is in and out of my life on long deployments. This leaves me with heartache and long nights alone staring at his side of the bed hoping he’s ok. Needless to say, this was driving me nuts. A woman can only talk to herself for so long before others begin to wonder about her sanity. Now, I love this GI Joe of mine and I’m immensely proud of the job he’s doing. I would choose this life of mine a thousand times over, but I was finding myself lost within this world of Army Combat Uniforms, Cub Scouts, and PTO meetings.

On the encouragement from my dear friend Deborah, she gave me the answer. “Write about it, lass.” So when the flood gates opened, I found myself swimming for dear life. The ideas were coming at me so quick that my fingers couldn’t type fast enough. Shortly after that, I purchased my first laptop and the first Warriors of Destiny story, “Her Highland Destiny” began playing out on the screen in front of me!


  1. how awesome what has happened because a dear friend encouraged you;

  2. I guess it’s true what they say…write what you know. Your series is on my ‘must read’ list!

  3. Hi, Annie! Your own love story with your “modern day warrior” is very sweet : ) Women need their women friends for understanding, encouragement, support and “sisterhood”. How nice that your friend, Deborah, is so wise!

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