The Way to Olympia

The Way to Olympia by Amanda Carrell
Publisher: Whispers Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short
Other: M/F
Review by Cholla

Two wounded hearts, one ancient mystery, and a love that’s more powerful than tragedy.

After the tragic murders of her entire family, Olympia Abbott vows to continue their generations-long search for The Statue of Zeus. There are only two problems standing in her way—she’s run out of money, and she’s lost the willpower to deny her feelings for her long-term research partner, Lucas Cole.

Lucas Cole is no stranger to vows. When his best friend, Troy Abbott, was brutally murdered, he had to swear to keep his hands off Troy’s sister. There’s only one problem with that—he can’t seem to fight his feelings for her any longer. He’s wanted her for too long, has loved her even longer.

With the discovery of the Statue of Zeus drawing near, they’re both running out of time. Who will make the first move, and what will it cost?

The Way to Olympia caught my attention immediately with its unusual setting. Being a true lover of Greek mythology, finding a story set in an archeological dig in Greece was quite a happy surprise. Ms. Carrell follows through on her initial promise with a gripping story, two engaging characters and hot, steamy, intense sex between the two. The search for the Statue of Zeus is almost as impossible of a quest as bringing Lucas and Olympia together, it seems. However, in both quests, Olympia – and Lucas himself – aren’t even close to giving up quite yet.

Olympia and Lucas touch on the memory of her parents and brother having been murdered on that very dig site, causing added tension and stress to an already stressful situation. I wish there had been more exploration of this memory. It would have added more to an already engaging story, giving more credence to Lucas’ promise to Olympia’s brother.

After being immediately drawn to the subject and setting of The Way to Olympia, I dived right in and found a rich and enticing story. The combination of archeology, mythology, and romance is a potent one. A very enjoyable story that is well worth reading.

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