The Stetson by Betty Womack

The Stetson by Betty Womack
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary, Suspense/Mystery
Length: Full (205 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Lilac

What do an ex-Army Ranger/dude ranch owner and a spoiled, trapped rich girl have in common? Not much.

Turk Gunnison agrees to take on the responsibility for Abigail Van Huffington’s well being, but he’s not sure how much of her attitude he can take.

Being at the ranch isn’t at the top of Abigail’s to-do list either, but her plans to escape a controlling life have stalled in Turk’s back pasture. Her main goal is getting to England, settle into the job of interpreter for a travel agency, and gain her independence.

But Abigail’s being watched by an enemy agent who mistakenly believes she knows too much about him…

Sparks fly in this intriguing romance involving a former Army Ranger and a spoiled rich girl.

Forced to take refuge on Turk Gunnison’s dude ranch, Abigail Van Huffington feels her life slipping out of her control and her attraction to Turk isn’t helping her. As the two butt heads time and time again, it is obvious that Turk and Abigail, or rather Huffy as Turk calls her, definitely have some chemistry and I really enjoyed the banter and personality clashes between the two. Their relationship quickly changes though as they get to know each other and decide not to resist their mutual attraction. But Turk has some concerns about their relationship. Not only is he worried about the danger that might have followed Abigail to the ranch, he is also worried about the fact that they come from different social standings, worlds, and peer groups. His doubts and concerns are understandable, but they lead him to do some things that I didn’t care for as he tries to push Abigail away.

The pair also faces some other interesting obstacles from Abigail’s scheming grandfather to her friend, Shane, who has gotten her into some serious trouble. Shane is an interesting character whose actions have placed Abigail in danger as the bad guys seem to think she knows something. I wasn’t quite sure what to think of Shane, but he seems a bit immature and naïve and I could easily see him getting caught up in something illegal as he seems to have done.

Turk learns a lot about Shane and his actions from his brother, Gun, a fascinating character that I would like to know more about. In fact, Turk has several brothers, a couple of which appear in this story, that fascinated me and I’d like to know more about. The characters of this story, both the main and secondary, are definitely strong and help to make the story interesting.

However, while The Stetson starts off strong, it ends weakly as the mystery and danger involving Shane and Abigail is revealed and dealt with rather quickly. It is mostly the suspense element of the story that I felt was weak. Things involving Shane and the danger just tend to fall into place and are dealt with too quickly and that part of the story was never really strong enough to be believable for me. I also wish that the story thread involving Abigail’s issues with her grandfather had been featured more and a bit stronger as they too are wrapped up rather quickly and unexpectedly toward the end.

However, despite this I felt that The Stetson was a well-written and fascinating story that I really enjoyed. Watching as Turk and Huffy fought each other as well as their attraction to one another really helped to make the story interesting and I was captivated by their relationship from the very beginning. So while the suspense might have felt a little weak, the romance and passion of the story is definitely strong.

If you like your romance strong and enjoy clashes and passion between the hero and heroine, then I’d recommend this one.

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