The Real Deal by NIki Green

The Real Deal by Niki Green
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short Story (63 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by Xeranthemum

He held the reins to her heart once—and this time he won’t let go.

A Wild Ride story.

Willa Tate left Millbrook, Texas, years ago—along with her future, her fiancé and her heart. Now, as one of the headlining acts at a hot burlesque club, she looks into the crowd, sees a familiar face staring up at her—and her past comes crashing back.

Chase Kiel has some hard questions for the former love of his life. He spent forever looking for her, and now he wants answers—even if he has to throw her over his shoulder and drag her back to Millbrook to get them.

He’d find it a hell of a lot easier if the chemistry weren’t still there. If they didn’t still fit together like a keg of dynamite and fuse. If he didn’t want not only his answers…but her heart.

Chase is still certain he and Willa belong together—and convincing Willa of it will be his pleasure.

Warning: This title contains explicit, powder-keg-hot sex, language that ain’t fit for your mama’s ears, and a hot cowboy with a Texas-sized heart.

The Real Deal is like a rich dessert; the story is a moist vanilla cake filled with Bavarian cream and can stand alone. Add in the sex, sweet decadent chocolate whipped into stiff peaks swirled and layered all over and you have one heck of a read.

I thoroughly swooned for Chase Kiel, the hero. He’s a planner, a doer and a lover. He can also be a bit overwhelming. Not many men, especially at a young age, know what they want for the long haul. He’s confident in himself yet is fair, mostly reasonable and will never make the same mistake twice. To ensure that fact, Ms. Green wrote one of the most fun and in my opinion, sexiest romantic scenes a hero can hope to be in. It was well written and painted an event that I could visualize with hilarious clarity.

The opening gambit was in itself, a chuckle producer. For a refreshing change, the story doesn’t start off in the point of view in either the hero or heroine but in the secondary characters. Their dialogue in the beginning and in the end acted like bookends — very adorable bookends. In fact this whole family offers up potential sequels because they are an amazing sounding bunch of guys.

The heroine, Willa, is a typical heroine who ran from something she wasn’t ready for. She did it in a way that left many questions unanswered, threads dangling and her own heart unsure. She ended up facing her past in a most compromising event. The confrontation which set the ball in motion had great character interaction. I sympathized with her but I wouldn’t want her job – which was well described. There is a light internal conflict which shed just enough light on her motivation for the choices she made to make the ending a bit more poignant. It was a good balance.

The Real Deal combined sibling humor, romance, second chances, a take-charge hunk of a hero, a conflicted and very in love heroine, with enough cowboy flavor to season this story to perfection.

This story is worth a Yee-Haw!

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