The Pet Promise by Kate Steele

The Pet Promise by Kate Steele
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Short (30 pages)
Other: M/M
Rating: 3 Cherries
Review by: Cactus

To atone for his crime against Master Nerrin Arrian, Kail has just spent the last year as the master’s pet… complete with four legs, pointed ears, and a tail. With his term of service at an end, the master fulfills his part of the promise. He lifts the enchantment that turned Kail from human to canine.

There’s just one problem now. Kail’s fallen in love, and he’s resisting the final transformation from the bottom of his soul. He’s determined to stay with Master Nerrin… even if it means keeping the puppy ears and tail for the rest of his life.

If you had the choice to be a human pet or a dog pet, which would you choose? The choice is not as easy as it seems for Kail, who’s been serving as Nerrin’s pet dog since Kail thoughtlessly killed Nerrin’s previous pet. After Kail’s year long obligation is up, Nerrin changes Kail back to a human, yet Kail is not so certain he wants to give up the love and affection he’s been receiving.

In this rather short erotic romance, Kail and Nerrin are a classic yaoi couple. Both men are sexy and attractive and together their relationship is sweet and charming. Kail’s insecurity and need for attention and affection are compliments to Nerrin’s stronger personality and desire for devotion and loyalty from a lover or pet. Their story picks up after Kail is partially turned back into a human, retaining his ears and tail as a reminder of the pet he was. In his human form, Kail is hesitant and almost virginal; easily seduced into the sexual delights Nerrin has to show him.

Due to its length, the author can only afford a glimpse into the characters presented. Most of the story is taken up with by Kail’s initiation into sex with another man, leaving me wishing the story was either longer or less sex for more characterization and plot. Either way, those familiar with Kate Steele’s work are likely to enjoy her latest offering as it’s written in her very distinct voice. If you’re looking for a short sexual romp with classic yaoi characters and a sweetly loving relationship, this will deliver on that front.

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