The Perfect Tool

The Perfect Tool by Lara Santiago
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short
Other: M/F
Review by Lilac

Lynda, sick of the loser men she’s been dating recently, decides to hire out and requests a perfect male escort for her thirtieth birthday.

A delicious handy man named Max shows up at her door for her special date. Will he have the perfect tool to get the job done?

Max, on his way to help his cousin’s friend with a leaking sink, stumbles in to the wrong apartment and finds a hot woman in a silk robe wanting to help him take his tool belt off among other things.

Is this a set up by his cousin and does he really care once he finds out what’s beneath her robe?

Tired of dating losers, Lynda decides to give herself the perfect 30th birthday gift and hires an escort for the evening. All she wants is an evening of no-strings sex with someone who will take care of her needs for once. When handyman Max shows up at her door, she can’t believe how perfect her gift really is. However, a mistake has led Max to the wrong address as he is actually expecting to repair a leaky sink as a favor to his cousin, not be someone’s “date”. But when the attractive young woman begins to come on to him, Max can’t resist the temptation she offers and begins to wonder if perhaps his cousin set him up. When they both discover their mistake they have a lot to discuss and deal with…

The Perfect Tool was a fast-paced and steamy read about mistaken identity and finding romance when you least expect it. Things move pretty fast between Lynda and Max once they first meet and I found it a little difficult to believe that she wouldn’t at least ask the man a few questions before things progressed as far as they did. Even once their mistake was discovered, she is very understanding, which I wasn’t sure would be her response. However, this story seems to be a sexual fantasy with a bit of romance thrown in, so I can see why the author handled it the way she did. And as a short story, where there isn’t a lot of time for more, it worked.

The story also had a bit of an interesting twist thrown in that added to my enjoyment of the story…it was one I definitely didn’t see coming, but I won’t spoil.

Although it is part of the Blind Date After Dark series, The Perfect Tool is a stand alone book and reading the first in the series is not necessary to enjoy this one. The Perfect Tool is a very quick and enjoyable read.

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