The Distance Between Us by L. A. Witt

The Distance Between Us by L. A. Witt
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Length (146 pgs)
Other: M/M, M/M/M, Ménage, Anal Play, Voyeurism
Rating: Best Book
Reviewed by Rosemary

From money pit to windfall…or is it a pitfall?

After ten years together, Ethan Mallory and Rhett Solomon are calling it quits. They’re more than ready to dump their heavy emotional baggage. The only thing they can’t seem to unload is the house. They’re stuck living as roommates with a hefty mortgage hanging over their heads…at least until they can bring in some extra money to pay it down. Solution: rent out a room.

Enter Kieran Frost. Suddenly, the only thing Ethan and Rhett both want more than getting away from each other is getting close to their single, young, hot roommate. Complicating things is the fact that Kieran doesn’t mind the attention from both, and he certainly doesn’t mind sharing.

Their combined chemistry ignites something else that Ethan and Rhett had thought was long dead—the mutual attraction that drew them together in the first place. Except bitter jealousy over Kieran could only push them even farther apart…

The Distance Between Us is an emotionally gripping book that grabs the reader’s heart and never lets it go.

Little did Rhett Soloman and Ethan Mallory realize the impact that renting a room in their house to Kieran Frost would have on their lives. Let’s have a look cialis on sale at few of such ways: 1. Do cheapest cialis not suffer in silence, get treatment to experience a healthful sexual life. Vasodilation will lead to an improved blood flow in certain areas buying online viagra of the penis, which invites sexual erection. Smoking can also affect your sperm motility and count, buy levitra online so it is very important to ditch cigarettes. Faster than Kieran can hand over the first and last month rent, these three roomies are burning up the sheets. It doesn’t take long for casual, no strings sex to become the catalyst for discovering why Rhett and Ethan’s relationship ended.

The Distance Between Us is written in first person from Rhett’s perspective, and while that can sometimes limit character development, that is not the case with this book. Through in-depth and revealing conversations between the characters, Ms. Witt does an amazing job peeling away the layers of all the key players.

While beginning to date again in his late thirties is a daunting prospect, Rhett is ready for Ethan to move out so he can break free from the limbo they are currently living in. Watching Rhett wrestle with his complex emotions about the break up is often heartrending, but it’s also tremendously satisfying when he begins to understand exactly what his feelings are. Everyone around him (including the reader) can see that he is not anywhere close to being over Ethan, but it takes a lot of soul-searching for Rhett to begin to grasp that.

On the surface, Ethan comes across as very nonchalant about Ethan. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure I liked him all that much, and I thought Rhett was better off without him. It doesn’t take long to see that Ethan isn’t as detached as he’d like everyone to believe, and in fact, he plays a surprisingly pivotal role in the culmination of the book.

The Distance Between Us is a realistic portrayal of a long term relationship, and the problems that sometimes arise when partners fail to communicate. It is also an accurate depiction of just how far apart two people’s perceptions of one another’s actions can be.

The Distance Between Us packs an emotional wallop that is perfectly balanced with blazing hot sex. Ethan, Rhett, and Kieran will linger in your hearts and thoughts long after the last page is turned.


  1. This sounds great! I will definitely pick this one up. 🙂

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