Taryn’s Wolf by Marisa Chenery

Taryn’s Wolf by Marisa Chenery
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Full Length
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by Lilac

Having inherited her uncle’s winery, Taryn Davies goes to Wulf’s Den hoping to sell her wines to Beowulf, the owner. While there, she meets Wade, Beowulf’s brother. Even though she is instantly attracted to him, her past makes it hard for her to accept his advances.

Catching a whiff of Taryn’s lingering scent inside Wulf’s Den, Wade is determined to make her his. But when their first meeting doesn’t go as he would have liked, Wade follows Taryn to her winery, The Pines.

As Wade tries to win Taryn over, he has to find a way to explain that he is a werewolf. Little does he know another werewolf has Taryn in his sights, one who means her no good.

Taryn’s Wolf is a wonderful story full of surprises.

Having seen his brother find his mate, Wade, a werewolf, longs for a mate of his own. When Taryn Davies comes to the Wulf’s Den hoping to sell some of her wine there, Wade instantly knows he has found the one for him. However, convincing Taryn proves difficult. Scarred by an abusive relationship, Taryn is reluctant to get involved again and Wade must tread lightly if he wishes to have a relationship with her. But now that he has found her, Wade is determined to win her over and he struggles with letting her know about his true nature as a werewolf. Soon an enemy werewolf from the past and some family secrets change everything.

With its wonderful characters and absorbing plot, I truly enjoyed every page of this story. I really liked Wade and Taryn and found their relationship fascinating. The secondary characters of the story really add to the plot and enhanced my enjoyment. I loved meeting the various werewolves and found the author’s take on a werewolf’s nature and lifespan interesting. I also loved the various twists the author added to the story as we learn more about the characters.

The book appears to be a sequel to another book featuring Wade’s brother and his mate, but having not read that book, I can say that this one does stand alone very well. While it did make me curious about their story and it probably spoiled a few things from the previous book, I didn’t get lost reading Taryn’s Wolf at all.

If you are looking for an interesting paranormal romance about a likeable werewolf and his strong-willed mate, I’d recommend this one.

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