Superstar by Roxanne Springer
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by Sunflower

A world of athletic showmanship and ruthless ambition…

Nikki is barely acquainted with the flamboyant allure of professional wrestling, but when she meets superstar Eric Conrad she gets a quick education in the realities of a sport that is part theatrics and part grim competition.

Though he never expected to fall in love, Eric goes down hard for a divorced nurse with a wary heart and a vindictive ex. After he persuades her to go on tour with him, things escalate as an old rivalry turns into a media event and he has to literally fight for the woman of his dreams…

Superstar, is really an astounding romance story, which tells about the love story between Eric Conrad, a champion wrestler, and Nikki Curtis a newly divorced and beautiful nurse whose marriage has been destroyed by a cheating husband.

Most of all, this story offers a surprising overview of the misjudged universe of American wrestling.

Congratulations go to Roxanne Springer and her incredible talent for showing and sharing her understanding of the extraordinary wrestling universe. I really had the feeling of being part of this wrestling team and found myself supporting Eric and his friends as well.

Like many European people, I had a really narrow minded and particularly superficial view of this world. Wrestlers appeared to me as gifted comedians acting like brutes or Neanderthal-like men most of the time. This was perfectly demonstrated by Kevin Locke, an aggressive wrestler whose only joy seemed to be antagonizing Eric Conrad and threatening Nikki. Yet these serious wrestlers are athletes who master all sorts of complex and frightening wrestling moves.

In reading Superstar, I was showed such an amazing world, I almost wished I lived in the US so I could get a job in one of the existing wrestling leagues. I have strange ideas sometimes….

As for the romantic aspect of this story, I felt a bit disappointed because it seemed Eric and Nikki got along together a little too quickly. Unless this is the way it sometimes happens in real life? Maybe? No matter, I’d be the first to admit I was thrilled about their first encounter because I too would fall for Eric’s charm — so full of his gentlemanly and protective manners. I know, I can be really full of contradictions …

When you are a romantic at heart, Eric and Nikki’s love story proves to be totally satisfying which helped me accept the trouble I had with Nikki’s portrayal as being helpless and a victim. Mostly because after what she went through with her previous husband (a man who first cheated on her and expected her to be at his disposal) and her profession as a nurse, I would have thought she would have been more courageous. Then again, I think maybe this was what attracted Eric and gave him the opportunity to show his honesty, loyalty, generosity and passion. Eric revealed himself to be the perfect ‘knight in a toga’ *grin* when it came to his lover, family and friends.

This story also makes me wonder about many things regarding Nikki. What would have happened if she had played Kevin’s game and had not acted so helplessly? The more she resisted, the reaction from Kevin was … oh wait, that’s another story ….you’ll have to read this book to see what I mean.

Discovering this world made me realize that wrestlers are people like everyone else, with great hearts, even if most of the time they were doing their best to appear dangerous. In Superstar, I found when most of them were off-camera, they acted like big teddybears ;-)). Maybe this is the reason why I lately couldn’t help to look for broadcasts of wrestling shows. Could you just imagine the pleasure in watching all these muscular athletes ? *grin*

Another thing that has me wondering after reading this story is whether or not Ms. Spinger is intending to write a book about Kevin Locke. His dark personality suggests he might have his own tale to tell. I wonder if …

Ok, ok, I’ll stop fantasizing on wrestlers and would recommend, if like me you’re fond of wonderful men built like warriors and cannot resist a nice love story, reading this wonderful book without delay.

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