Summer Love

Summer Love by Rusty Wicks
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Torrid
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Full Anthology
Other: M/F
Rating: 3 Cherries
Review by Lilac

Is there anything better than some hot, steamy love—summer-style? It certainly doesn’t seem that way for two lucky couples.

When Brenna wakes up on a Nude Beach she’s treated to an eyeful of naked, sexy man candy. Lucky for her there’s a personality behind Brock’s—ahem—assets and the pair spends an amazing day together in Summer Delight.

Finn and Ina rekindle an old relationship while they complete a covert diving mission for the government. Can politics and passion mix on the rolling deck of a small boat? And, more importantly, will the couple be able to keep love going even after their feet touch land? Those are only some of the questions that need to be answered when Finn and Ina explore Hidden Depths.

Summer Love is a quick read featuring two short novellas that are very different and interesting.

In “Summer Delight,” Brenna awakens on a nude beach to find a very attractive and very naked man standing over her. As the Brenna and Brock get to know each other and spend the day on the beach together, they engage in some very sizzling activities.

Of the two stories in Summer Love, this was definitely the stronger of the two and what made the book enjoyable for me. I enjoyed the characters and their chemistry as well as the humor of the story. The story got off to a strong start, however, a twist at the end left me hanging. The ending was very abrupt and I felt there could have been more of an explanation made to tie up loose ends. But despite this, it was a very good little story.

In the second story of the book, “Hidden Depths,” Ina is reunited with her old flame Finn as they go on a covert diving expedition for the government. Finn is very secretive about the dive and why he disappeared on Ina in the past. And as the two spend time together on his boat they rekindle their relationship and explore each other as well as exploring the bottom of the sea.

“Hidden Depths” is a very hot and sexy read, but at times it felt a bit rushed. Although I enjoyed the idea of the story, I wish a little more detail had been added to the plot in regards to their mission for the government. Finn and Ina shared a great chemistry and their scenes definitely sizzled, but I longed to know more about each of them and what happened once their dive was complete.

Overall, I would say that Summer Love is a quick and sexy read for those looking for a bit of an escape.

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