Spring Warm-Ups

Robin Bayne
Proverbs 3:5

My darling husband is a golfer and he really enjoys the game. I, however, find it extremely frustrating. Every spring I watch him practice, hitting range balls and then working on his short game at the putting green. I will even join him at that, just for fun. After all, it’s exercise, right?

I like to think of writing practice as exercise, too. I can put any words I like on paper, but no one has to see them. Like a golfer preparing for a big tournament, I can “putt” across the page and warm up before writing anything important. I can write a chapter and send it off to my critique partners, and they will let me know if I’ve made any huge mistakes.

But the real trials begin out on the course, once practice is over. Much like life, once you’re out in the real writing world things become tougher. There are no “mulligans,” or Do-overs, in real life. And there’s no practice at getting out of the toughest sand traps. Rejections and manuscript problems can be just like those sand traps; you chip and swing and still end up stuck, unable to move in any direction. Perspiring more all the time. There’s only one way out, and it starts with prayer. Ask God to guide you out of life’s sand traps, and do as He suggests. It may not actually help your golf game, but it will help with life’s trials and tribulations. It won’t hurt your writing, either.

Robin Bayne is the award-winning author of six novels and four novellas, along with a variety of short stories. She has contributed to collections including God’s Way for Teens, God’s Way for Fathers and Cup of Comfort Devotionals; and published articles in Writer’s Journal and Christian Communicator. She has given workshops at regional and online romance writing conferences and the Writer’s Digest World’s Largest Writing Workshop. She lives in Maryland with her husband of twenty years. Robin recently compiled a book of devotionals for writers titled “Words to Write By.” Visit her at http://www.robinbayne.com/.


  1. A nice post!

  2. Great way of putting things!


  3. Thanks! Happy Easter : )

  4. Enjoyed your post. I never have gotten anything out of golf. I know that it is not easy, takes alot of skill and practice, a couple of my friends husbands live on the golf course:)


  5. Excellent way of putting it. I can’t even mini-golf. Really. It’s embarrassing and funny as all get out. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    amanda38401 at gmail dot com

  6. Good way of putting it. Writing is indeed like exercise — and just as refreshing!

  7. Reading and writing are exercising the brain as your husband exercises through golf 🙂 enjoyed your blog. Blessings, BJ

  8. Golf, and writing, are exercises in persistence. You can’t get better at either until you do them on a regular basis. So it is also with our relationship with the Lord. The more we pray and read our Bibles, the deeper our relationship with the Lord.

    I enjoyed your blog post, Robin! 🙂

  9. Great interview, never thought of golf and writing having anything in commend, but then I can’t do either. So just give me a good book and I can be a fan on the side line.


  10. Asking for God’s help is the only way I can get ANYTHING done. Happy Easter =-)

  11. Great analogy, Robin. Loved your blog post and enjoyed a personal glimpse into your life. Have a wonderful Lord’s Day tomorrow!

  12. Wonderful message, Robin, and perfect for Easter, too. Thanks for sharing this. Hugs, Sandy Semerad, http://www.sandysemerad.com.

  13. Wonderful post, really enjoyed reading it.
    Have a wonderful Easter.

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  14. Hi Robyn, I enjoyed your comparisons of golf and writing. I personally would rather write than golf! Happy Easter!

  15. Thanks for the great post.


  16. Thanks for all the nice comments! One thing golf is good for: getting the hubby out of the house so I can write. LOL

  17. I enjoyed reading your post. THanks for sharing.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  18. Great post Robin…I too don’t get the appeal of golf but it makes my dad happy and that’s all it really needs to do…lol

    Very timely reminder to pray for guidance with this being Easter Weekend. Thanks!


  19. Good thoughts to think over. Thanks for the important reminders. 🙂

    Best wishes with your latest release~

  20. Great Post, Robin!! A happy, and blessed Easter to you!

  21. We KNOW what you said about turning to the Lord in the back of our thoughts. Why is is hard sometimes to dive in without praying first, seeking Him first, and then go on in peace? We are so human.
    We need Him every step of every journey.

  22. Nice post! Happy Easter
    chey127 at hotmail dot com

  23. Great post and love the book cover! 🙂

  24. Very good points!

  25. Thanks everyone, hope one of you wins the big prize!

  26. Robin,

    I don’t know much about golf, but your analogy sure sounds good!

    Words to Write By sounds like a wonderfully, inspiring book. Definitely need to check it out!

    Happy Easter!

  27. Great analogy. Prayer is the glue that holds life together!!
    Donald James Parker
    Author of Reforming the Potter’s Clay

    scaramouche9999 at yahoo dot com

  28. What a lovely post. And at the perfect time, too. thanks!


  29. Robin, I can’t think of wiser advice than, “Ask God to guide you.”

    Hope you had a glorious Easter. Christ is Risen. Hallelujah!

  30. Thanks for your insightful post. I will be on the lookout for your books as I think I will enjoy them.


  31. My family and i have decided to take up disc golf this spring and summer. At the very least, it’s cheaper than regular golf

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