Women of December are looking for May
I love spring. But then, I’ve lived most of my life in Maine, where snow covers the ground nearly half the year.
When the first snowflakes flutter to the ground in early December, they’re beautiful and pristine. But months into the white wash of winter, there is nothing I yearn for more than color. I welcome the month of May as it heralds the return of the migrating birds with their bright feathers and the first green shoots of crocuses, daffodils and tulips pushing through the barren earth. It seems to lighten my steps and make me breathe deeper. As the green leaves unfurl from the knotty gray branches that have stood stark and empty against the gray skies of winter, I smile with joy.  
What a contrast between the months of December and May. One signals a time of quiet and solitude while the other is the month of vitality and growth. It’s no wonder these two months were chosen when describing relationships between people who have a large age gap between them.
For decades older men in the “winter” of their lives have been courting and marrying women half their age. But now, women are turning the tables and finding their own “May” man. They seek young men who bring more to the table than a hot body and a great libido. Older women are still looking for a mature relationship with intellectual and recreational interests in common. (of course a strong sex drive never hurt any relationship *g*). And young men are happy to build a relationship with older women who are beyond the game playing and manipulation of their younger counterparts.
With the growing popularity of these May/December relationships, more female readers are seeking stories about them. My newest release from Ellora’s Cave, Maid for Master, is a younger man/older woman story. Claire Calderwood didn’t see her younger brother’s best friend as a potential lover until they end up at the same resort …
When lust and deception collide, will her complete submission be enough to bind their hearts?
Treat herself to a carnal weekend at the hedonistic retreat, XTC Resorts? That’s not something Claire Calderwood, a three-time loser in the relationship department would ordinarily do. But at forty-one, having a successful cleaning business is no longer enough. She wants a chance to let go of all responsibility, submit to a stranger’s sexual demands and satisfy her darkest fantasies.
Jonathon Brierton has known his best friend’s sister long enough to recognize her submissive nature. He would like nothing more than to have Claire bound naked and at the mercy of his flogger as he teaches her the sensual art of obeying her Master. At thirty-something, he’s a successful real estate developer, owner of a BDSM resort—and hopelessly in love with the older woman.
When Claire follows him to his resort, Jonathon is certain he can keep his identity secret long enough to convince her that being restrained in his stocks is something that will satisfy them both. But lies, deceit and broken hearts may not be so easy to overcome.
“Good morning, Claire.”
The familiar voice startled her. “Jonny,” Claire said, without looking up, embarrassment heating her cheeks.
“I’ve obviously interrupted.”
He had, but she didn’t want to make him feel bad. “No, don’t be silly.” With a couple of guilty taps to the mouse pad on her laptop, Claire tried to click back through her history to hide the internet site she’d been surfing for the last half-hour. “I was just catching up on emails.”
Claire dabbed at her tears with her napkin and turned to the man standing in front of her in the bright sun. Even in khaki shorts and casual polo, Jonny Brierton was all business. The ocean breeze wafting through the open terrace of the restaurant danced with the dark curls of his hair but didn’t soften the hard line of his jaw. His captivating eyes were currently hidden behind the mirrored lenses of his sunglasses, but she felt his piercing gaze none the less. She still had no idea how he’d managed to talk her into keeping her travel plans despite this past week’s life-altering events. And after last night’s activities, she was even more embarrassed that she’d let him accompany her.
“I’d like to join you for breakfast.”
“Of course, please sit,” she said, as he settled in the chair across from her. Casually closing the computer and tucking it in its case next to her chair, Claire gave up searching through pictures of Paradise Cove. It hadn’t helped her discover the mysterious Dom who’d completely knocked her world off its axis. But Master Xavier was nowhere on their website.
The man had been both commanding and gentle as he’d held her last night. She’d shed tears over all the years lost, the broken relationships, the blind paths she’d followed. But mostly she’d cried at the thought of losing her Master, the man who asked everything from her but multiplied it and gave it all right back.
At some point she’d fallen asleep in his arms. He’d found her a comfortable bed and someone to watch over her until she’d woken without the mask or her collar. Disappointment swept through her until she realized his gold armband remained in place. She still had so much to learn, so many ways he could help her heal all the hurt from bad relationships. At least he hadn’t completely walked away. She’d held on to the thought that he still wanted her. Stumbling back to her room only hours ago, just before dawn, Claire had spent the time tangled in her sheets thinking of him until she’d finally given up and come to the restaurant.
“Hello, Earth to Claire.” Jonny waved a hand in front of her face, pulling her from her musings. She attempted to smile, but only managed a quivering quirk of her lips. “Hey, are you all right? Where’d you go?” Jonny reached out as if to comfort, thought twice and pulled his hand back without touching her.
“I’m fine. I’m a little distracted. I didn’t sleep well last night.”
His eyebrow quirked and heat flushed her cheeks.
“I was in my own bed—alone. I just don’t sleep well in strange beds,” she added quickly.
“Did I say anything to make you defend your sleeping habits?”
Award-winning author, Nina Pierce, writes erotic tales of love, lust, and sex about men with a chink in their sexy armor, and the women who want to love and save them. It’s all about the sweet scent of seduction. And that’s what she hopes you find in her books … sensual reads that rev up your motor and keep you begging for more!
A native of Maine, she resides in what she affectionately calls “the great white North” in potato country with her high school sweetheart and true love of twenty-seven years, her three grown children and a menagerie of pets. You can follow her at http://www.twitter.com/ninapierce and http://www.facebook.com/nina.pierce check out all her books at http://www.NinaPierce.com


  1. Love Spring! Yesterday, here in Rhode Island, was one of the first nice days. Hopefully it will stick around. I love stories where the woman is older than the man. When I was younger, the stories I liked best were about older men. I guess the older I get, my tastes change. LOL! Great excerpt. Can’t wait to read it!

  2. I cannot wait for the leaves to come out on the trees and the heat of the sun on my skin. Your book sounds so good, I look forward to reading it, I’ve added it to my TBR list.
    I’m one of those women that prefer older men instead of younger but I enjoy the stories 🙂


  3. I love spring! So glad that winter is over where I live (don’t think that I could live in Maine with all of that snow). Thanks for the excerpt from Maid for Master, Loved it! Will definitely be adding it to my list!


  4. This year, I can’t wait for spring and it is having a hard time coming. Enjoyed the excerpt, enjoy reading older woman, younger man stories more now. Must be because I am older!

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  5. Here in MO, my Iris’s are about to bloom, our Rose bushes are getting new green leaves and so are out trees. The Robins are out in droves this morning (it rained last night).

    I am married to a man almost 10 years older then I and love him dearly, but love to read about the flipside.

    Love the blurb!


  6. Marie Rose – there’s nothing like the warm weather after all the snow and cold winds. It definitely puts a spring in my step *g* Glad you enjoyed the excerpt. These two were really fun to write.

  7. Leanne – I know right? When all that color bursts out, especially the lush green leaves I just breathe deeper. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Maria – Winter definitely comes sooner and stays much longer in Maine. But that just makes the spring all that much more sweet IMO! 😉

  9. Jean – I have found what I find “sexy” in a man has definitely changed as I’ve gotten older. My girls just roll their eyes when I point out a handsome man and he has graying temples. LOL! But I just find that so sexy.

  10. DL – You know, I didn’t mention the sound of the birds singing! Even nature sounds happy the warmer weather has arrived!

    Mr. Nina and I are the same age, but I love the fantasy of a younger man with an older woman. The book was a lot of fun to write.

  11. So aching for spring and all of the wonderful greenery and flowers! Your book sounds very good!

  12. Joanne – “Aching” is a great word. There is something palpable about the anticipation. I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpt.

  13. Nina,

    I definitely like the idea of older women having younger lovers. A family friend had a younger lover for 30 years, until she was in her seventies and he reached his fifties.

    Best of luck with your release!


  14. Adele – I think there are many very successful relationships with an older woman/younger man. The fact is, love is ageless. So happy to see you here.

  15. I’m hoping this weekend will see the end of the snow in our yard. Then I can get out and enjoy the warmer temperatures. Our poor garden needs some lovin’, hehe.

  16. Lu – It’s so nice when that last pile of snow melts and we can get our hands in the garden dirt. I LOVE when those green shoots poke their heads out the ground. *sigh* I hope you can get into your garden this weekend!

  17. I am actually married to a younger man, he is 6 years younger than me. This has actually caused quite a few differences over the years but as he matures it’s getting better!

  18. Tamara – I’m not sure there’s any marriage that doesn’t have “interesting difference” regardless of the age. 😉 Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

  19. I think spring is the best season of the year. Seeing the drab browns turn to greens is wonderful.


  20. Living in the South, Spring is just about here. The trees are green, pecan trees are budding, the birds and bees are out in force doing their thing. This is a great time of the year, I love it.

    Thanks for the excerpt from your book, looks great!!!


  21. Loved the blurb and excerpt, Nina. The fantasy of an older woman with a younger, totally together, man, is one of my favorites.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  22. Margie – For me, it’s the second best. I just love summer when I don’t have to wear a coat and long sleeves (but maybe I’ve been in Maine too long and spring is warm other places. 😉 )

  23. Judy – That sounds heavenly! Glad you enjoyed the excerpt.

  24. *waves madly at Cathy* How are you? And the OW/YM genre was a lot of fun to write.

  25. Oh, I’m so ready for spring and tons of sun and light.

    I loved the excerpt! Thanks for sharing.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  26. Booklover – We have the warm here, just need a little sun to go with it! Glad you enjoyed the excerpt.

  27. I don’t know when spring is going to get here but I’m looking forward to it!
    Your book sounds fantastic!
    chey127 at hotmail dot com

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Nina,

    Cool post. Today at lunch, my friends and I talked about older man/younger woman and older woman/younger man relationships. Seems to us that the older woman/younger man couples recieve a much cooler reception and a lot of snarky comments. No fair. I can’t wait to read this book!

  30. Chey – LOL! Hopefully it’s not going to be too far away. I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpt.

  31. Janet – The older woman definitely doesn’t get any respect. “Cougar” isn’t meant to be a nice term. But men have been doing it for years and even in those relationships I think it’s the woman (gold digger) who gets the raised eyebrows.

    But it was fun to wite a book with an OW/YM relationship. Thanks for stopping by.

  32. Great excerpt! I have to agree with Marie Rose, I appreciate a great OW/YM book so much more now. Does Claire’s brother get/have a book?


  33. Kytaira – I’m not sure about Claire’s brother. Right now I’m working on a female friend of the resort manager’s, Ethan. Then of course Ethan will have his HEA. Hmmmm, not sure about Claire’s brother. I’ll have to think about that one.

  34. Hi Nina I am in New England also , we had such a long winter this year !

    I am looking foward to reading your book, I really like Elloras Cave 🙂


  35. Kym – It was a long, cold and snowy winter this year! I’ll be very happy to put this one behind us!

    Hope you enjoy the book. EC is a wonderful publisher to work with.

  36. I just love all of the colors of spring. It is just such a beautiful time of year.


  37. Rebekah – It’s the colors that I’ve been waiting for. White becomes so … tired, especially when it’s filled with mud. Blech!

  38. I can’t wait for the flower to start blooming again and the trees leaves to come out again. I really enjoy spring and summer. I can’t wait to read to your book. It sounds very good. Tore923@aol.com

  39. Isn’t it odd how those beautiful first snowflakes lose their luster so quickly?

    Nothing as lovely as a heavy snowfall where the snow sticks to everything, tho. It makes me think of the tale The Snow Queen that I loved so much as a child.

    bicknellbrown @sbcglobal.net

  40. This was a great book. I really enjoyed reading it.


  41. Tore – The explosion of color just makes me breathe easier. I totally agree. I hope you choose to pick up Jonathon and Claire’s story!

  42. Faith – I do love the look of the forest covered in snow. It’s so beautiful. But yeah, it certainly loses it’s luster very quickly when the cold and wind comes with it. 😉

  43. Gabrielle – Thank you, I’m so happy you enjoyed it. You’ve totally made my day!

  44. I so forgot about this book. I am off to get it now. Hi Ms. Nina hope you have a wonderful spring day.


  45. Terra – *waves madly* I’m great. I hope you enjoy the book. (And it’s not so beautiful in the northeast today … very rainy. Boo!)

  46. The blurb was very intriguing! This book is SO going on my TBR!! Might help warmn up this rather chilly spring we’re having in WI!!
    Ashley A

  47. i love May so much. We hardly ever get snow in May (in MN) so usually that’s when we all officially celebrate spring

  48. I’m so so glad winter is finally over. It seems to last longer here in Chicago. The trees are finally blooming and I am loving it.

    user1123 AT comcast DOT net

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