Sanctuary Lost by Moira Rogers

Sanctuary Lost by Moira Rogers
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Short (126 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 5 Cherries
Review by: Cherry Blossom

She’s ready to fight at his side. He’s fighting for the strength to let her go.

Red Rock Pass, Book 2

If there’s one thing that Brynn Adler hates, it’s feeling helpless and vulnerable in unfamiliar territory. Three weeks ago, life tossed her into just such a world. A world of werewolves she never knew existed—until she found out her sister was one of them.

The pack seems determined to hurry her back to the normal world of humans. But after everything she’s witnessed, she’s not sure she wants to go—especially if it means leaving not only her sister behind, but the one man who makes her forget her life is falling apart.

Now all she has to do is convince him to agree to a plan to force the pack to let her stay.

Joe Mitchell has been battling his protective instincts since he rescued Brynn from her kidnapper. Getting involved with her is a bad idea for a lot of reasons. She’s on shaky emotional ground, and a supernatural war is no place for a human woman. He’s not about to let her make a hasty decision, one that will only bring her pain and regret.

Now all he has to do is let her go.

Warning: This book contains violence, a war between werewolf packs, hot, primal sex and sexual power games with a badass ex-Special Forces alpha who will do anything to keep his lover safe.

Moira Rogers has written the definition of the alpha male with the werewolves of Red Rock Pass. The author paints with consummate skill a complex world where humans and shape-shifters interact and coexist, where each knows the rules of the other and how to follow them in order to live in peace.

However, existence is precarious for the fragile humans who find themselves involved in the politics of werewolf packs. However powerful and protective, however determined to adhere to their own rules, the wolves are not immune to basic weaknesses: pride, greed, insanity. And when a werewolf breaks the bounds of reason, there is very little that can stop him. Especially if he’s a rogue alpha.

In Sanctuary Lost, the reader will find a classic romance, a love story between two striking characters whose very nature should keep them apart. It is also their nature that pulls them together, and it is their nature, in the end, that could spell their doom. And death, in the world of Sanctuary Lost, isn’t always the worse fate.

Sanctuary Lost deserves the highest praise for the reading pleasure its storyteller has given this reader. The plot moves fast, the suspense only eases up enough to let the characters—and the reader—breathe, the twists and turns are unexpected and yet could be foreseen, and the characters themselves are so vivid you might find yourself looking for them around the corner. In addition, the writing is superb, it takes you running with the wolves at breakneck speed through the dense forest, or you may lose your breath along with human Brynn. You will find yourself looking for other Moira Rogers books.

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