Romancing Other Dimensions – Nina Pierce

I’m not a fickle woman. Really. I choose a color scheme for a room, go with it and I’m settled in for a good ten or fifteen years. It’s not until the rug is thread bare and the curtains faded from sun that I finally break down and choose comething new. Heck, I still have a skirt I wore in high school (because it’s a wrap around … ‘nuf said).

So it was kind of a surprise for me when I started writing that I bounced all over the genre spectrum. I mean, not completely. My books can all be classified as erotic romance. And many of them have some kind of suspense element. But the truth is, they bounce from contemporary to paranormal to futuristic. I guess my writing is eclectic as my reading tastes.

You’re as likely to find an historical starring Dukes and mansions on my nightstand as a paranormal book featuring vampires or werewolves. Some times I just want to read a good murder mystery. But nothing gets my neurons firing like a good science fiction story.

You see, I grew up on the original Star Trek. I could name an episode after watching only a 10 or 20 second clip. Seriously. Total Trekkie here. So I guess it was no surprise when I woke up one morning with the need to write a love story set in deep space. Yep, it’s complete with alien villains and some very hawt heroes.

So … how do you like your romance? Set in the west? Modern day? Complete with demons and vampires? Or taking place out in deep space? Curious authors want to know!

A TOUCH OF LILLY is available from Ellora’s Cave and was nominated as one of Siren Books “Best Science Fiction Books of 2010”. Instead of the blurb, I’ll share the book trailer with you …

And please enjoy this Excerpt:
Lilly D’Angelo could have been walking into any of the seedier establishments lining Forty-fifth and Wester on Chicago’s south side. Except for the clientele, the tavern’s owner had managed to replicate nearly every detail right down to the blue haze and the soft crooning of a jazz band on the corner stage. The acrid stench and gruff hum of a Friday night crowd tripped Lilly down memory lane—a place she had no desire to travel at the moment.

Lilly pushed the sour thoughts of home out of her mind and focused her energy on the patrons at the bar. Morphing her features into her sexiest vixen pout, she moved gracefully toward the long bar on the other side of the room. Her voluptuous breasts, spilling temptingly from her silk blouse, led the way. The eyes watching her ass sashay around the battered tables were clustered on various life forms—none of them human.

Yeah, definitely not Chicago. Shit, this wasn’t even Earth for chrissake.

“Regent’s ale, straight up, hold the brenic.” She spoke English, hoping the two-headed Xerick behind the bar had a cochlear translator in one of those eight holes that passed for ears. Satisfied when one head nodded, she settled on a stool, making sure her fur jacket and blouse parted enough to offer a seductive view of her cleavage. Lilly shifted just enough to let the black leather skirt ride up her thigh and expose a little more silky real estate. Surreptitiously checking her image in the mirrored glass behind the liquor bottles, she was pleased she looked every bit the part. She wasn’t trying to attract anyone in particular, perhaps something on the less offensive side that could offer her a bit of entertainment to help fritter away the next couple of hours.

Lilly wasn’t a xenophobic bigot by any stretch of the imagination. But six months in deep space, working these kinds of joints, wasn’t really long enough to become accustomed to the scenery. The Nebulae Galaxy’s spaceports overflowed with aliens of all sizes and genders. Only that wasn’t really a fair term here in deep space.

Alien inferred the life forms didn’t belong. On the contrary, it was humans who were invading their territory. The treaties of 2253, signed well over forty years ago, had guaranteed the safe travel of humans in deep space. After the snafu of ’34, which saw the first major space disaster since light travel had been discovered, humans had insisted on protection for their species. They’d formed some bullshit board of security, guaranteeing humans could run roughshod over the universe like everywhere else. Though most people referred to them as the QAL, Lilly nicknamed them the alphabet mafia. At one point she’d actually considered working for them until they’d discovered who she was—or more specifically what she was. It didn’t matter. They could all go fuck themselves if they didn’t appreciate her gifts. Lilly had found a way to use her talents and still bring down the bad guys.

Of course in deep space, bad was a relative term.

There was the kind of bad that got a person lost on the ice caps of Dallas Eight without a backup plan. Or the bad that forced someone to stow away in the engine room of a Drikspa alien tanker bound for unknown destinations, praying not to get caught. Or the bad that got a human female imprisoned as a sex slave on the mining colonies of Krystallos Three, hidden from even the long arm of the QAL. Lilly shivered at that one. Even her talents wouldn’t free her from that kind of torture.

She was just happy to be here on Garalon Five where bad meant nothing more than crossing paths with every brand of space pirate, ex-con or fugitive looking for a new start. As one of the more recent colonizations in the Nebulae Galaxy, the G-5 government turned their collective back on past offenses on other planets and allowed anyone to start a legitimate business. It’s what had brought her here.


  1. the book are great cover and would love to get the books and read them

  2. I love the variety of erotic romance stories out these days, and what I pick depends on my mood. Usually read more contemporary paranormal stories, but a blurb can definitely catch my eye and have me trying a story like A Touch of Lilly.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  3. Desi – The cover is so perfect. Cover artist Reese Dante captured the feeling of the story perfectly.

  4. Cathy – There is definitely something for everyone when it comes to genres in erotic romance. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  5. Nina,
    I’m a bit like you, in that I appreciate reading many genre in romance, but my favorites are fantasy, paranormal, or sci-fi, although I like a mystery or historical every now or then – I think it depends on my mood.

  6. Kay Dee – There’s something about finding love in deep space that appeals to me! I think it’s letting my imagination roam the nebulae and think about the possibility of other life forms that really intruigues me.

  7. I love SFR. This one sounds good!

    doxisrcool at

  8. Darn Nina, Another one of yours I must have. Looking for pen and paper to write this one down.


  9. Hi Nina! We are polar opposites – I have a reversible duvet cover so I can change on a moment’s notice. Lilly’s is such a hot book! Good to see you here.

  10. Doxymom – It was so much fun to write! Creating that world really stretched my imagination!

  11. Terra – Mwah! You’re the bestest! I hope you enjoy it. I do so love these three. (Enough that I’m writing a sequel!

  12. Ari – LOL! I had a friend who moved her livingroom furniture once a month. Her poor husband said he never dared come home in the dark. LOL!

    I’m glad you enjoyed this one. That menage certainly heats up a cold winter night!

  13. Nina, I read all over the spectrum myself. I’m also a lifelong Star Trek fan~TOS & TNG. Those were great characters & stories. Love your cover and excerpt!

    ~Roni Lynne

  14. Roni – Yeah, I’ll take any Star Trek, movie or series. LOL! Glad you enjoyed the excerpt. (And isn’t that cover just awesome?)

  15. That is an awesome trailer! And a really beautiful cover.

  16. Lisa – Thank you. EC has an amazing art dept, but I have to say, that cover is one of my favorites.

    And I’m glad you enjoyed the trailer. I love making them.

  17. Thankfully I like to read a lot of different genres. I would get bored reading the same one all the time. So I’m always open to new reads.


  18. Cindy – I do find myself stuck in a rutt now and again. At this moment my TBR pile is all paranormal romance. I’m not sure if I’ll make it all the way through before switching to an historical or perhaps a romantic suspense.

    Thanks so much for stopping by.

  19. I read everything, so for me as long as the story holds my attention, I am happy.

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  20. Jean – Not only is this story about romance and love between three people, it’s also got quite a mystery component. I hope you choose to pick it up and I’d love to hear if you enjoyed it. Nina @ NinaPierce .com

  21. Intriguing excerpt– as a lifelong Roger Zelazny fan, SFR is part of my DNA by now.

  22. Hedonist – I’ve read all kinds of sci fi authors, but I had to look Zelazny up. He’s books sound fascinating. I’m going to go check them out on Amazon. Sci fi is such a fun genre to read and write. Creating worlds is an amazing thing.

  23. If I was writing I’d probably bounce like you. I so grew up on star trek. The next generation came out in high school for me. In college, everyone stopped when it came out. But on the other hand, I love historical and contemporary romance.

  24. Shauna – If you enjoy sci fi, try Anne McCaffrey, she has some wonderful sci fi romances.

    And I love historical and contemporary as well. It’s all good. 😉

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