Riding Double by Eve Adams

Riding Double by Eve Adams
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Contemporary (Western)
Length: Short (113 pages)
Other: BDSM, M/F, M/F/M, Ménage
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Hibiscus

Tough as nails Skye Taylor considers love the mother of all four-letter words. She’s witnessed too many failed relationships, and has no intention of ever falling in love.

Trent Harris wants nothing more than to show Skye how much he loves her, but with the bulletproof armor around her heart, he can’t get close enough. Growing up on a Montana ranch with Skye as his playmate, and now lover, he’s willing to take her any way he can have her.

Caleb Jennings knows real when he sees it, and Trent’s love for Skye is as real as it gets. Trouble is, his love for Skye is just as real. He knows what they all need is love in the third degree to really spice things up.

These country boys show her how a cowboy stays warm in Montana. Skye will discover just how hot it can get when RIDING DOUBLE.

When you have two hot men willing to meet your every desire, why would you want anything more than they could give you? That is the question that I kept asking myself about Skye Taylor. Skye was an exhibitionist and seemed to crave an extra edge that she thought was lacking in her life.

At first I thought Skye was a spoiled brat. She led Trent around like her lap dog. Skye knew that Trent cared for her and would not let her be hurt but I got the feeling that she didn’t really care about him. Skye came across as the person who thinks the grass is always greener on the other side. Not only did she tempt Trent into rough situations but Skye expected Trent to meet her sexual needs whenever she snapped her fingers.

Trent Harris grew up with Skye and really did have feelings for her. I could see just by the way he gladly did everything for her that he cared deeply for Skye. I enjoyed how Trent struggled not to give into Skye after he teamed up with Caleb. I could not help but laugh when Trent said he wouldn’t do Caleb, even for Skye. That showed me how far Trent was willing to go to do whatever it took to give Skye what she really needed.

Caleb Jennings also grew up with Skye but he refused to give into her. I loved how Caleb had the strength to keep turning Skye down when she was drunk and offering herself to him. Caleb knew what Skye really needed and convinced Trent to work with him. It was great when Caleb called her bluff. When he claimed Skye was not a bad girl and then walked out saying he was going to find a real bad girl who was not a tease, I wanted to stand up and cheer.

I loved how Trent and Caleb worked together to break down Skye’s stubborn streak. When things began to be just their terms and not hers any longer I could see the growth in Skye. I loved how they helped Skye conquered her fears and become a woman I could like by the end of the story.

I believe Riding Double is a very good addition to the Siren Menage Amour line of stories. These hot cowboys are ones I’m sure I’ll be reading about again and again.


  1. Thank you for such a fabulous review! RIDING DOUBLE is the first in the Riding Series, but most definitely not the last. RIDING LESSONS is next in line, and is part of the Tasty Treats 1 Anthology. I’m currently working on RIDING THE FENCE. Each book in the Riding Series all have a perfect pair of hot cowboys I hope you fall in love with.

    Again, thank you!

    ~Allie K. Adams (w/a Eve Adams)

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