Review: Yeti! Were?

Yeti! Were?
By Celia Kyle

On the night of the midnight moon, Sela finds herself locked in an industrial freezer, put there by none other than her alpha’s half-crazed brother. Content to spend her weekend as a wolf for her duration at the frozen prison, she doesn’t expect the whack job to thrust someone else in there with her. Now, faced with the choice of shifting and tearing into the yummy man’s hide or simply fucking through the lust frenzy that accompanies the midnight moon, Sela doesn’t know what to do. Decisions, decisions…

Yosi should have kept driving right through the town. He definitely shouldn’t have stopped for dinner at The Den. When the weaselly wolf, Ron, approached him, he told the man exactly what he thought of him. Which landed him in a nice stay at the local meat plant and a cozy room in their freezer. Not a good place for a yeti to be. Drastic changes in temperature from hot to cold make Yosi feral, and horny…

Just the title gets me to laugh. Heck, this whole short story ended up being a fun read for me.

Sela is a werewolf who is not totally accepted by her pack. She’s considered larger than a wolf is expected to be and has found her acceptance contingent on the say-so of her Alpha. It’s not a very secure or comforting thought. Add to that the insult paid upon her by Ron, the Alpha’s brother–what a weirdo. Where can she turn for help? Seems no one wants, or is willing, to help her.

Enter Yosi, the yeti. Oh, yum. Poor guy. He’s a rarity so no one realizes just who or what they’ve ticked off. Ron insults him, too, and since Yosi also rebuffs Ron, he ends up the same place as Sela.

She doesn’t know what he is and he doesn’t know what she is. Let the fun begin. If you read the blurb, you know this all starts in a freezer. Let me assure you that the freezer is the only cold thing in this story. When Sela answers the call of her wolf and Yosi succumbs to the primal urges of his inner-Yeti, the fur and hormones fly. Oh my!

I’ll admit that the realization of love between Yosi and Sela may be quick for some readers but for me, it was the perfect balance. I needed a quick, fun read packed with heat, passion and connection and Yeti! Were? delivered it. It filled my need for a paranormal sensual adventure and the best thing was the sense of lighthearted humor even while they were in the throes of passion. Who knew one word answers could be so sexy? You could say this story hit all the right buttons of my personal preference; paranormal love, werewolves,and fast and furious primal matings. The only thing I felt was missing was some good biting action. I found the ending to be quirky but the sense of an HEA is intact. Also, Yosi is a smarty-pants. Good thing Sela is more than enough of a match for him. In all the best ways.

If you are looking for a short story that will leave you smiling, with a unique paranormal being in a starring role, then Yeti! Were? is the story to read.

Reviewed by Xeranth

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