Review: Yeti! Again?

Yeti! Again?
by Celia Kyle

Sela and Yosi are back (again) with this peek into their fur-flying fun-filled lives of love, lust and little feet. Little feet? Yeah, a few little feet that go pitter patter (or is it bump?) in the night. But their sexin’ is called to a halt by Yosi the minute he finds out about Sela’s pregnancy. What’s a sex-starved gal to do when the man she loves is too afraid to make love because of the baby she carries? Why, take him to a place where his base nature can’t resist coming out to play.

Sela sees a freezer in her future…

Yeti! Again? had me laughing and snickering as I read the dialogue taking place between Yosi, the virile and furry yeti, and Sela, the feisty werewolf and soon-to-be mother.

Even if you’ve never read the previous books in the story arc, I found enough pertinent information for this to stand alone. I’m not sure where to start in talking about this story because I had so much fun with so many scenes.

Yosi’s and Sela’s passion is still burning red hot even after five years of marriage. I got treated to a sweet and erotic scene which illustrates the best of what I liked about their relationship. All that changes when Yosi finds out that Sela is pregnant and the scene where that happens almost had me rolling on the floor. I can’t even tell you more without spoiling the fun. I think Yosi is adorable.

But wait, there’s more. Sela’s mother-in-law is a fire cracker. Even though her scene was rather short, it was memorable. The plot that Sela comes up with to deal with Yosi’s adamant position (he thinks he’s protecting her)is inspired. Hold onto your funny bone and watch out for the birth scene because any woman who’s gone through labor will find this incredibly funny and may even relate to it.

Since this is a continuing romance story arc between Yosi and Sela, the HEA ends up being a story thread. I actually enjoy seeing how their HEA is evolving, just like it would with real people. I look forward to Yosi’s one word declarations because they carry more meaning of devotion and love for Sela than any flowery and verbose delivery. Not to mention the hotness factor that gets imbued by their use – smokin’.

Yeti! Again? is a wonderful and humorous story that will put a smile on your face as you read and keep it there once you are done. Now, of course, I’m wondering how fatherhood is going to affect my favorite yeti. I hope Ms. Kyle has another story in the works because I want to visit these two lovebirds again.

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Reviewed by Xeranth

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