Review: The Agency: No Monkey’s Business

The Agency: No Monkey’s Business
by Michelle Hasker

Jessica thinks she has this training mission in the bag. She’s already accomplished her first mission, so the second one should be a breeze. Once she’s done they’ll have to promote her. What she didn’t count on was Chase Montgomery’s interference and his orgasm-inducing skills in the bedroom. Now she’ll be lucky enough to get out of bed, let alone finish her missions.

Jessica has a shape-shifting ability that I have never encountered before and this intrigued me to read on. I wanted to find out how it tied into her job and the missions she is completing. Jessica has been set to prove herself to her boss and get the promotion she is dying to receive.

Chase, a fellow trainee, tries to relay to Jessica why he is there and that his motives are not the same as her own, but she does not trust him and seems to have an inability to trust anyone… can Chase change her views? Even with her distrust of his motives, she feels chemistry between them that they cannot deny.

There are some very hot scenes that involve voyeurism that made the story exciting and added some twists. And a bit of BDSM, but not distasteful in the least, it actually helps to further the relationship between Jessica and Chase and is used as a tool against one of them.

I really enjoyed the scene that involved the voyeurism, especially when one of them realizes the cameras are rolling. Copies anyone?


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