Review: Rogue Warriors 1: Rebel

Rogue Warriors 1: Rebel
By Marie Treanor

Jake Lindow has always been a rebel, but now he has a cause.

A veteran of the war with the west, Jake was kicked out of the army for disobeying orders. Now he’s back in Dome City, leading a growing band of rebels who mercilessly harry the Ministry in pursuit of peace, freedom and the end of Dragul domination.

Crina, daughter of Beth and Aurel (Dragul Dawn), is in the midst of her own personal rebellion. Her partly human blood means she has reached adulthood much earlier than other Dragul, yet her parents thwart her search for a sexual relationship. When Jake takes her hostage, and neutralizes her superior powers, she is forced to look beyond her own petty fears and desires, and gradually realizes that the future of the world depends on how she handles her dangerous yet disturbingly attractive captor.

Crina is a Dragul, a fascinating mix of human and dragon. She comes to the Dome City with her father in order to help the humans stop fighting their useless wars against each other. She is captured to be used as a bargaining chip by hunky ex-military rebel, Jake Lindow.

Crina is amazing because even though she is captured by Jake and his gang, she finds the inner strength to withstand all the scary and demeaning things in her way. I was surprised that she continued to have a positive outlook, even going so far as to help Nick (one of her captors) when he was gravely injured. I found it easier to relate to Crina because she suffers claustrophobia, it made her seem more human-like. I think you’ll like the part when she gets emotional — Jake gives her something else to think about.

This story used a great backdrop of a post-nuclear war environment where they lived under domes and people resorted to hiding out to evade capture by the government. Seems some stupid humans brought destruction on their own heads and now need someone to help them straighten out their problems – enter the Dragul. The story totally pulls me in and made me want to be Crina.

Jake is scared and hates the Draguls. Mostly because, like you and me, when you’ve never met or experienced something before, the unknown is scary. I enjoyed reading how he had to get past his misplaced hate and when he does, he realizes Crina is not the monster that he thought she was. This tale was spicy and the intense love scenes made me long for more. Really, the passion between Crina and Jake is explosive! Rogue Warrior has a love story between two totally different beings that survive an intensely desperate and seemingly hopeless time. Love can conquer all.

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Reviewed by Ivy

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