Review: Raine, The Lords of Satyr

Raine, The Lords of Satyr
by Elizabeth Amber

In this erotic historical paranormal romance trilogy set in Tuscany’s centuries-old wine country, three half-Satyr brothers receive a letter that sends them in search of endangered half-Faerie brides.

Middle brother Raine’s traumatic childhood and prior bad marriage have closed him to the idea of giving or receiving love. Reluctantly, he does his duty and locates his bride, Jordan, in Venice. She turns out to be far different than he could ever have imagined, and she is living a dangerous lie.

In the second installment of The Lords of Satyr, Elizabeth Amber has another compelling hit. Raine is sure to get your blood racing and your heart involved.

Raine is such an interesting character. He seems so staid and contained, in direct contrast to his natural lusty nature. We learned in Nicholas’ story, Raine is rather reluctant to marry again. His first marriage was rather disastrous in relation to his supernatural disposition. Unwilling to put his heart on the line again, he nevertheless fulfills his duty and locates the Faerie-blend woman who is to be his wife. When he finds her there are a few surprises in store for him that this reader didn’t expect at all. What I found so compelling about Raine was that he never once judged Jordan for things beyond her control. Where others may have been repulsed, he saw the inner woman and in opening her heart ends up opening his own to the endless possibilities love can bring.

Jordan was an interesting, mind-boggling character. A woman of dubious sexuality, she has been living what she considers a lie her whole life for the sake of her family. When Raine steps into her life, she finds someone who sees her as she sees herself. Jordan kept me entertained with her views on the world that didn’t quite blend with her time period, at least not for a woman in her time period. The fact that she refuses to marry Raine in order to protect his own family name, something Raine feels he failed in doing at the end of his first marriage, was actually something that endeared her to my mind. Her feelings for Raine are so complex, and the added peculiarity of her sexuality just brings more heat to an already sensual tale. She was more than a match for Raine, she was what he needed to live a full life, just as he was for her.

This story took me on a journey through some rather uncomfortable subject matter, without making me uncomfortable. Ms. Amber again displays her amazing ability to weave an incredibly erotic tale interspersed with such tender and touching scenes that the love between two people just thrives on. One is never left wanting or wondering if the characters are truly happy with one another. The instances of danger and intrigue add an extra spice to an already well-seasoned love story and keep the pages turning.

A note of warning, this is not your easy, typical erotic romance. Ms. Amber deals with some very difficult subject matter regarding sexuality and the paranormal that may leave quite a few readers squirming, but I feel very strongly that it is worth it. An instance with some of the forces trying to take over the faerie king’s kingdom not to mention the bishop that has a rather unfortunate infatuation with Raine can leave some people feeling a bit uncomfortable, not to mention the issues with Jordan herself. While these issues didn’t detract from the story in this reviewers honest opinion, I do feel that I need to warn anyone uncomfortable with subjects dealing with androgynous sexuality, and forced or not wholly consenting sex.

Despite any uncomfortable moments that may have occurred, they were not enough to dull any amount of my enjoyment of this story. In fact, they only brought me further into Raine and Jordan’s story and made me want desperately for them to find their happiness. This book was so well-written that I had to make myself put it down in order to deal with everyday responsibilities! You know, those pesky things like eating, feeding my kids, laundry… nothing important! But, in all seriousness, Ms. Amber has another stunningly erotic tale that will leave you completely invested in her characters’ happiness. I breathlessly await the third brother, Lyon’s tale.


Review by Viscaria

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