Review: Passion Unbound: Wild Nights

Passion Unbound: Wild Nights
by Tawny Taylor

And thus it was from the beginning of time. Two knights. One bride. They whispered their story to The Chosen, a human endowed with the gift of Hearing… The Chosen wrote the story and released it into the human world.

The bait was set. The spell was cast. And then they waited…(An excerpt from the Ierd Kimeno, the sacred text of the Twelfth Knight Brotherhood)

Secretary Maggie Dunning loves her romance novels. Her favorite – Conquered by the Knight, the story of two dominant, sexy shapeshifters, Xander and Bastien. To be possessed by two powerful Masters? Heavy, happy, lust-filled sigh!

But that’s just fantasy. It could never happen in real life… right?

Little did she know that a paper cut and a few muttered words would make all her fantasies come to life, including the hunky Xander and Bastien. One minute she’s cozy in bed sleeping, the next she’s dragged into a world she’d thought only existed in her imagination, to face her most secret desires… and her worst fears.

Bastien and Xander have their own challenges to face – a crime to investigate and a dangerous threat to the Twelfth Night Brotherhood to uncover. But they won’t let that stop them from seizing their fascinating new bride and introducing her to the ecstasy of complete surrender.

This was another case of reading one book in a series that caught my imagination and made me want to go back and read the first book or books in a series. Tawny Taylor is fast becoming an auto-buy author for me, and that is always a good thing!

Maggie Dunning was an interesting character. She is amazingly resilient, and strong. Maggie has remade herself after surviving a controlling and domineering husband. Although it is never directly said, it’s hinted that he was abusive as well. Despite her past, Maggie has picked herself up and made a new life, one that she is proud of and quite content in. All except for the fact that she longs for a man… or men, that will fulfill all her deepest fantasies. Imagine her surprise when she’s snatched back into a strange world by two men who want to fulfill her fantasies! She quickly realizes that she won’t feel as fulfilled if she stays in their world, but she will sorely miss her Masters if she manages to leave.

Bastien and Xander are both dominant, strong men who are also shapeshifters, and are quite committed to the safety of their world. When they go retrieve their bride they are quite happy to find that she is seemingly everything they would want in a bride, until she decides to exert her independence, something the two of them are not used to. When circumstances coincide to make things even more difficult these two strong men must decide if they can bend enough to be the mates Maggie needs in her life.

Wild Nights was an engaging read that gave plenty of history behind Bastien and Xander’s world and their taking of brides and the building of the storyline that continues in Wicked Nights. Tawny focused more on the relationship building in this tale than on the sensual aspects, but that did not detract one bit from the overall story. Don’t get me wrong, the love scenes are there, and they are hot, but that’s not all this is about and that can serve better to draw you in. We are given more of a glimpse than a full look at how the physical side of the relationship between Bastien, Maggie and Xander will be and it whets your appetite for more. I had some fun reading this, if only because Xander and Bastien aren’t quite sure how to handle a woman who won’t let them keep her locked in a room all day until they need her. Tawny Taylor is definitely an author to watch.

Reviewed by: Viscaria

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