Review: Last Wish

Last Wish
By Shelley Munro

Freedom. Zane craves it, but to earn liberty he must fulfill the last wish on his genie contract and evade his boss’s clutches for ten days. If he fails, it will mean another term of duty. Been there. Bought the T-shirt. This time Zane is determined to beat the odds and grab his chance at freedom.

When Dillon goes to the antiques market, the last thing he expects is a gorgeous genie to materialize in front of him. Handsome. Charismatic. Tempting and enticing. Dillon takes one look and wants to explore the sparks of attraction leaping between them. He offers the sexy genie a place to hide. The tentative friendship quickly grows to more—raw need explodes into passion and hot, toe-curling sex. Long nights of intense lovin’ lead to mutual pleasure and loads of unrestrained fun.

Dillon has fallen fast and wants forever, but Zane is determined to leave once he’s free. Somehow Dillon has to persuade him they’re perfect together because time is running out and Zane’s boss is hot on their trail.

Last Wish turns the old Alladdin folk tale on it’s ear with a sexy and unique twist that has a whole lot of fun, romance and sensual tension.

Dillon came out much to the dismay of the ladies in his small town but it’s been a double edged sword. On one hand, he’s not plagued by unwanted attention and on the other, it’s a small town. His options in finding his heart’s desire are almost nil.

So what’s a guy to do? Work. How many times have we coped with life by immersing ourselves in a project either at home or at work so we can pretend all is well? The monkey wrenches in that plan is Dillon’s sister and a mysterious computer problem. I really liked Dillon’s sister,she cracked me up. I enjoyed her antics and her sisterly personality. I will say that right in the very beginning there’s a scene with Susan that had me giggling.

The computer issue is more serious and threatens to snow him under. Dillon’s fighting to save his dream since he can’t have what he really wants – someone to love or at least care about. It shouldn’t be so hard for a guy to be true to himself yet everywhere he turns, all the wrong solutions are presented or pushed at him by well-meaning family and friends. It’s an acceptable conflict in this technical age and one many can relate to. Fairly normal, wouldn’t you say?

Normal goes out the window when Zane shows up. What an attitude! What a hottie! The men’s first impressions of each other was certainly interesting and kind of comic. As I said in the beginning, Shelley made the genie her own because he doesn’t appear like any genie you’ve read about before. Oh sure, there is the requisite smoke, but even that she made more interesting.

Zane is also lonely but very distrusting. Yet he can navigate this latest society he’s been called into because his genie’s lamp is fully loaded. You’ll have to read that to understand what I refer to. I thought that was funny too. When Zane grants Dillon’s wish, well, that caused a belly laugh. Zane might be lamp smart but still simple in execution of wishes. He’s kind of innocent in a way while at the same time jaded by all he’s been through. You can’t blame him when he doesn’t trust Dillon’s offer of santuary. How can anything this good last? How can the offer he sees in Dillon’s eyes be real?

The external conflict of the genie master and his trickery to re-enslave Zane is the driving force behind the men’s accelerated relationship. It was believable and snarky. Shelley does a good job in making me really dislike Hasim – he’s like the Donald Trump of genies; a shark of a business man who will do anything to succeed.

When the men fall in love it’s a wonderous thing. Full of passion, heat, and Zane’s internal conflict. His yearnings that have been denied him for centuries are almost within reach but can he reconcile them with what Dillon needs from him? Can he get what he must have from Dillon?

There is wonderful insight into what makes these men tick so when the finale comes I felt very fulfilled and happy. Everyone gets what they wanted but not in ways I expected. Even the mysterious computer situation resolved itself in a way that was sort of emotional. No one is left untouched and it all started off with an innocent lamp.

Last Wish is a delight; full of humor, love, hot passion and a couple of very lucky guys. If you enjoy folk tales with unusual yet modern twists, then Last Wish has what you’re looking for.

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Reviewed by Xeranth

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