Review: Island Treasures: Book 1

Island Treasures: Book 1
By Rusty Wicks

A trio of stories featuring love on some of the most beautiful islands on earth. Corfu, Hvar and Molokai… three spits of land in endless blue oceans whose sultry sea breezes fan the fires of love. Join Abby, Luna and Leilani as they discover exotic island treasures to call their own.

This interesting collection of novellas brought on the heat in three beautiful settings. Each novella was unique in it’s plot and setting and I found it a pleasure to read.

Squalls, Hvar

In Squalls, Hvar we meet Abby and Jon. Two people more drawn to each other than many I’ve seen, but pushed apart as well. The mystery for us is in their past and what brought about the enmity between the two. As they are reunited after six years and progress through the work that brings them back into each other’s world, the mutual attraction and love becomes too much to resist, yet all is not forgiven. The intimacy between these two is hot, and at first a bit stilted, but there is a very compelling reason, and that is all I can say along those lines. I got a kick out of Abby’s assertion that no matter what she wasn’t really still interested in Jon… until she just couldn’t take the heat anymore. Jon’s “hat in hand” attitude actually endeared him to me. He was truly repentant even when he was sure that he couldn’t truly explain to Abby the circumstances that drove them apart. The love that these two shared made me hope that all could be explained in the end. I am pleased to say that this is actually a very fulfilling love story whose ending will leave you with a smile.

Dances, Corfu

Dances, Corfu was an incredibly sensual and beautiful love story that was a definite joy to read. Here we meet Luna and Nikos in a deceptive world of seemingly arranged marriages where a woman has more say in her choices than one would think. As Luna’s father and brother continually try to tempt her with the men of their island, Luna is determined that only one man will do… and no one will change her mind. Nikos has only one woman in mind as well, and the thought that she might marry another has him in knots. I adored Luna’s individual spark and Nikos’ possessive nature. Set in ancient Greece, Rusty Wicks’s imagery was fabulous, placing my right in the middle of an exotic time and locale, not to mention that the intimacy was truly lovely. Dances, Corfu was a tale that won’t leave you wanting.

Smoke, Molokai

Smoke, Molokai was a rather interesting story with a touch of the paranormal. Set in a stunning tropical paradise, we are introduced to Leilani “Lani” and Mano, two very different people, and one with a secret. Lani and Mano share a passion that amazes and erupts in a scorching fire that surprises. Mano is the mysterious stranger who appears when Lani seems to need comfort the most, and as they explore both the island and the passion they share we get to know a bit more about Lani and her motivations. I do have to give a warning in that I was a bit disappointed in the ending, as I wasn’t quite sure if it was a true Happy Ever After or just a suggestion of one. We are given a sort of glimpse into the possibilities of a happy ending, but it isn’t truly defined and it may confuse some readers. Despite that note of discord, I did enjoy this tale. This was a truly compelling story about love transcending so much more than just emotional obstacles giving us a glimpse into a world that leaves one breathless. This was a magical read and I look forward to more offerings from Rusty Wicks’ fantastic imagination.

Island Treasures is indeed a treasure and one that you would do well to pick up for a quick fun getaway to tropical islands, beautiful romance and hot intimacy.


Review by Viscaria

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