Review: Insatiable Passion

Insatiable Passion
by Nicole L. Pierce

Casey Riske is a strong woman who has raised her son alone since her ex-husband left town. Now her son needs his father and she tracks him down, but is disturbed that she still has strong feelings of both love and lust for the man who’d disappeared.

Damian Ballentine is the son of the small town’s biggest employer. His family is hated and, when his alcoholism raged out of control, he felt it best to leave his precious wife and son and let them be free of his problems. Now he’s back to help his child, shocked that he still has strong feelings for Casey. He’s sober now, but only one sip of alcohol away from relapsing. Worse, he’s receiving threats from somebody. But who?

Damian and Casey rekindle their insatiable passion, as well as acknowledge their love, but is it sane, or even safe, for them to try again?

Insatiable Passion is a sweet story about sacrifice, forgiveness and second chances.

Casey is a mom with a troubled son and I admired Casey’s devotion to him. Even though she knows it may be opening old wounds, she puts her heart in peril to get him what he needs. She is gentle and patient and I like the fact that she is extremely attractive but doesn’t seem to know it. She’s also strong and, although wary, she fights for her man.

Damian is a hunk and a half. He’s also wounded, physically and emotionally, and he is doing his best to mend, but he still feels as if he is damaged goods. He is such a sad character; I just wanted to cuddle him! His love for his son is heartrending, and I was really touched by the intense feelings that he expresses about him. He is honest about the passion he feels for Casey; that it will never change, and that he will never feel the same for anyone else. But he is also convinced that he is bad for her. I think that this element of his persona makes their tug-of-war that much more tragic as he and Casey try to deny what is between them.

Casey and Damian have incredible chemistry that is evident from the very beginning. They also have a history with a lot of baggage, which adds conflict to the story and supports the overall theme. Each have specific and plausible reasons for being apart, but their mutual longing for one another cannot be ignored. The main supporting characters, Damian’s brothers, are well developed. Sam, his oldest brother, goes through changes as the drama progresses, and his metamorphosis is gratifying. The relationship between Damian and Alex, Damian’s twin, is warm and it is apparent that he cares and depends on him. The antagonist’s plot is dribbled in as the story progresses, with mysterious occurrences to keep the reader guessing.

Some of the action scenes cast Casey — a small town mom and music shop owner — as something just short of a female Rambo. I thought her behavior was a little over-the-top, but it did give me a chuckle and made the story fun. Insatiable Passion is entertaining, with a happy ending that will warm your heart.

Reveiw by Camomile

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