Review: Horsefall: Tail of Two Brothers

Horsfall: Tail of Two Brothers
by Jade Buchanan

What started out as just another day for Oliver Philip quickly turned stranger than any fiction he’d ever read. Arriving at Horsfall Ranch to conduct an audit on their safety program, Oliver can’t keep his eyes off owner Bayard Stoddard. A long cool drink of water if he’s ever seen one. Just when it seems Bayard might be returning his attraction — as unprofessional as it might be right now — the tall, powerful man receives the news his twin, Marshall, is missing.

Imagine Oliver’s surprise when the abused Shire horse he finds chained up on a neighboring ranch shapeshifts into a man that looks surprisingly familiar… it seems he’s found Bayard’s missing twin.

I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to read a story about taking on twin cowboy brothers. The prospect was too irresistible and I’m glad I succumbed!

Oliver is a sweetheart. Although confident in his vocation, I found his insecurity in pursuing love charming. He is a little too weepy — he tears up pretty often — but it does further illustrate his sensitive nature. His inner conflicts and fantasies help to build the sexual tension and I couldn’t wait for Oliver and Bayard to get together. He sees Bayard as the perfect man and when he finds out there are two of them the poor (but lucky!) guy is just beside himself.

Bayard and Marshall are twins and are physically magnificent. Bayard is the responsible twin and Marshall gets himself into trouble and I enjoyed the relationship between the two of them. No resentments or acrimony, they just love, respect and want the best for one another and I found that so refreshing. Bayard has a calm way about him and I liked the protectiveness he shows for both Oliver and Marshall. I got to know Bayard a little better than Marshall because he was the main love interest for Oliver, but Marshall’s intensity and the ways he illustrates the depth of his feelings for Oliver are scintillating and fervent. I almost liked him more than Bayard just because he was the odd-man out and thought his desires hopeless because he wouldn’t do anything to hurt his brother so I sympathized with him.

The villain and his situation weren’t clear to me and there is no final confrontation with him which I would have expected given the circumstances. This aspect is a minor part of the plot and didn’t interfere with my overall enjoyment of the story. The love scenes sizzle with sensual heat and the paranormal aspect makes the brothers even more tantalizing. “Horsefall: Tail of Two Brothers” is an emotionally fulfilling romance and I enjoyed it immensely.


Review by Chamomile

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