Review: Dangerous Liaisons Book 1: Bound to Serve

Dangerous Liaisons: Bound to Serve
by Honey Jans

Bridget Jamison is an agent for the secret government agency, Delta Star. Her need to bring in Simon Perez, the elusive terrorist responsible for her ex-fiances death, has become an obsession. When the director threatens to hand the case over to Condor, a mesmerizing ghost agent who has the power to make her weak in the knees with one intense look, she desperately makes a deal to hang onto her pet case.
Condor knows the feisty redhead will be trouble. The inclination he has to put his slave bracelet on the hellcat is a red flag. His mission was to infiltrate an S&M Retreat as a Dom to capture Perez, with a junior agent posing as his submissive. Instead, he’s stuck with spirited Bridget, who ignites all kinds of fantasies as he squares off with her.

Bridget smolders under Condor’s touch, as he puts her through a crash course on submission. Opened up to a new level of sexuality, she is shocked to find herself on the verge of orgasm draped over his knee. Condor aches to take her, even though sex on missions is supposed to be simulated. Immersed in the Retreat’s sensual setting, passion and duty clash as they track their quarry. Will Bridget realize that there can be power in submission, to love? Can Condor teach Bridget all his favorite sexual tricks without falling under her spell?

Right away this story was engaging and downright amusing. The first interaction we see between Condor and Bridget is entertaining and gave us a good glimpse into the personalities of these two, it was definitely an interesting, and sensual ride getting to know them. Honey Jans has a talent for building the tension and heat between her main characters, with plenty of sensual and scorching love scenes that have plenty of interaction without actual consummation. It really kept the pages turning!

Bridget was a feisty agent who was determined to prove herself as a competent and capable agent. Being the daughter of the former Director of her agency makes her even more resolute when it come to proving herself on the job. She’s very strong-willed and doesn’t really seem the type suited for the submissive lifestyle until she is assigned the mission with Condor, and he “takes her in hand” all in the name of training for the mission, of course.

Ross Longtree, code named Condor, is a Dominant male “by training and inclination”, who thinks he wants a meek submissive as his partner both in and out of the bed, someone he can easily control is what he tells himself. Imagine his surprise when he finds that Bridget’s spunk and spirit is even more appealing than what he thought he was comfortable with. But, is Bridget appealing enough to make him give up his life of excitement and intrigue? Does he even have to?

Let me take this moment to point out a few bumps that did keep me from giving this story a higher rating. There were a few editing issues that I noticed such as a misspelled word or a word that wasn’t quite right in the sentence context, but they were rather minor and I was reading the ARC that may not be fully edited. My only other problem with the storyline were that a few of the situations seemed a bit far-fetched. I say far-fetched in that I couldn’t see trained agents stopping in the middle of a dangerous situation to have sex… despite the setting and no matter how hot the sex was. Otherwise, those were my only issues.

All in all, I have to say that this was a good book. The characters were engaging and witty, the storyline was appealing and even comical at times, which helped it to progress at a swift pace and kept my interest. I would recommend this story to those looking for a story that will make them laugh, keep them on their toes and cause a few hot flashes!

Reviewed by Viscaria

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