Review: Children of the Dust 2: The Factory

Children of the Dust 2: The Factory
by Eve Vaughn

Landing a job at Cryo Cor, the largest food manufacturer on the planet, is a dream come true for Sydney. But her dream job becomes a nightmare when she discovers a horrible secret about Cryo Cor’s products. Cryo Cor is processing Humans — as food!

Overnight Sydney becomes a wanted woman. She finds unexpected salvation in the form of a tall, dark, rugged stranger. Jack and his band of Freedom Fighters will stop at nothing to take down the alien threat to mankind. When Jack offers Sydney his protection, sparks immediately fly between these two headstrong people, but their arguments soon turn to equally passionate lovemaking. They’ll have to work together to destroy the Cyrellian threat, and preserve the future of Earth.

This is Sydney’s story, the second installment of the “Children of the Dust” series. I read the first of them, “The Zoo”, where Sydney’s character was introduced. I didn’t really like her very much; she seems uncaring and aloof when her friend, Bella, is missing and even when Holly calls her on her lack of concern, Sydney waves her off as if it doesn’t matter. In “The Factory”, however, Sydney’s background is explored which explains her lack of emotion and it made me better understand her perplexing attitude. Her strength of character and ability to take care of herself as she deals with her confusing situation changed my initial lukewarm impression of her to one of admiration.

I think Sydney and Jack are great together, especially when Sydney turns the tables on Jack in his idea of the man/woman roles. When they have mind-blowing, in-the-heat-of-the-moment, comfort-in-a-crisis sex, I laughed at his irritation when she dismisses the importance act. Although not cruel, Jack is the consummate love ’em and leave ’em kind of guy, and his annoyance at her giving him a taste of his own medicine amused me. It was clear to me though, and eventually to him, that his heated reaction was really recognition that Sydney was someone special and I enjoyed his slow realization of that fact. He also offered an apology to her — a sincere one — and I can’t resist a guy that can reign in his ego enough to do so.

This is an engrossing series that includes conspiracies, heroism and passion I am finding it well worth the time to explore the ongoing adventure.


Review by Chamomile

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