Review: Cat O’ Nines 3: Cat’s Cradle

Cat O’ Nines 3: Cat’s Cradle
by Lia Connor

While the cat’s away…

Tony likes to think of himself as a good guy. Nothing special, but a decent enough man. He has his kinks and he likes it kinda rough, but outside of the bedroom he treats his women with respect and makes a good buddy to his friends. And his life, as a result, is in serious need of some sizzle.

He’s about the get lucky.

With his sisters Gabriella and Marnie carried off by the Catkind to protect them against hostile humans, Tony’s left to run their bar, Gatos. He won’t be alone, though – a couple of misfit “alley cat” Catkind named Samaelle and David have joined forces with him and won’t be parted from his side. Or stop coming on to him, either of them.

So what’s a good guy gonna do when he’s saddled with two stubborn sexy Cats? For one thing, learn how to play when the bigger cats are away…

This was a deliciously naughty romp through a rather interesting world that made me want to go back and start at the beginning of this series (which I am in the process of doing!). As a short story it was wonderfully detailed and a fun read.

Tony is your all-around regular nice guy. Which may be his problem, he’s nice, he takes care of everyone and lets everyone take advantage of him, although he’s been burned in the past. He’s a proud man who has taken care of his three younger sisters on his own for a long time, and has kept their bar running despite the fact that it’s in the middle of nowhere and nothing fancy. Although he’s on the lookout for Ms. Right, he keeps attracting Ms. Right-Now and he’s getting rather frustrated. Until he meets Samaelle and David. What do you do when two Catkind come to mate? Enjoy every minute of course.

Samaelle and David have had their share of disappointments and heartache. They have grown up as outcasts among their own kind for no other reason than slightly less than regal genetics. When they found each other, they found part of their mated triad, but they knew they wouldn’t be complete until they found their third mate.

Samaelle is a delightful, naughty, and wicked Lady Cat, who knows that Tony is the third person in their triad. She is not ashamed of her sexuality and has quite the way of making anyone in her vicinity want to join in the naughty fun. Her internal dialogue is enough to make one hot, and like any cat she has a very playful side that makes her even more entertaining.

David is the more taciturn of the two Catkind, and no one can really blame him considering his own painful past. As with Samaelle, David is just as comfortable with his sexuality, whether with a man or a woman. In fact, the usual triad has two men and one woman as female Catkind are so very rare, so he’s never had a problem with loving a man, it’s just the finding of the right one that’s giving him fits. He’s content to follow Samaelle’s lead when it comes to “sniffing” out their third mate, but when she makes a major misstep in dealing with Tony, he knows he has to step in and mend the break.

Now, a bit of a warning, this tale is not for the faint of heart. The sex is rather graphic and earthy, but it is hot and appropriate to the story. Some may find the language a bit coarse or offensive, but I found that it didn’t detract from the story and in fact helped us to understand the characters a bit better.

All in all, I had fun reading this one, and even went so far as to find the previous stories so that I could meet more of the Catkind. They seem like such a sensual and wicked race and I just have to know more. I am also looking forward to any upcoming Cat O’ Nine stories as there are some unresolved issues set up in this story that I would love to see the conclusions to. As I said, a delicious, delightful and naughty read that will leave you wanting more.

Reviewed by: Viscaria

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