Review: A Naked Holiday

A Naked Holiday
by Mystique Devereaux

Janie and Zane have some work to do—they’re busy with their restaurant and their sex life is stale since the kids have gone off to college. Will the time alone in a cabin allow them to finally break free of the routine or will being together unveil heartbreak and betrayal?

Janie and Zane have been married for thirty years and have six grown children but they still have the hots for each other. They plan this holiday to try to repair any damage to their relationship due to recent strains in their marriage. Each of them attributes the tension to a misconception that they have about the other.

What struck me the most about this story is that they each thought something dreadful about the other, but they had enough love for each other and respect for their relationship, that they take this time to confront the issues and deal with them. And they do; no whining, no recriminations, just a straight-forward “why?” with the expectation — and receipt — of an honest answer in return. How refreshing is that? Then there is sex. They recognize that their bedroom activities are not as steamy as they could be, so they each do research (separately, of course) to figure out how to spice things up.

Zane is totally in love — and in lust — with Janie. When she says something derogatory about her physical appearance he admonishes her for it. His sincerity takes your breath away as his words and actions prove that he truly finds her beautiful. He is determined to do whatever he has to in order to fix what is wrong. He is the perfect husband!

Janie is also determined, but a little more insecure when it comes to the issues and if she can overcome them. Her tentative approach to reconnecting with Zane and her direct, in-your-face confrontation with him displayed a very complex, very realistic woman. I love her!

The reader has the chance to hear both of their thoughts, and each is equally lusty in his/her desire for the other, almost uncontrollably! For a long-married couple who are probably fifty-something, all I can think is, how cool is that? The respect and genuine emotion displayed between the two shines throughout the story. I don’t think I’ve ever read a stirring romance about a middle-aged married couple until today, and I’m so glad I did. This exceptionally touching romance had me sighing all the way to the end.

Review by Camomile

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