Public Displays of Affection by Leannan Mac Llyr

Public Displays of Affection by Leannan Mac Llyr
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length: Short Story (40 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 Cherries
Review by Xeranthemum

Lacey and Andy have been more than friends for quite a while, even if they have been keeping their relationship under wraps. Well, Andy has been keeping it under wraps. Lacey wants to shout to the world that she’s in love. After months of secret rendezvous, Lacey figures that her sexy Andy plans to keep her his dirty little secret forever. Even when he gives her an opal ring, passed down through his family, she still doubts he will ever publicly acknowledge her. The opal ring has a history of deviousness and its magic has Lacey’s desire for Andy to publicly demonstrate his affection coming true. Big time!

Public Displays of Affection will knock your socks off with its fun and quirky story which concludes with a shockingly romantic revelation.

Lacey and Andy are an adorable couple whose attraction for each other is apparent from the beginning. The drawback of their relationship seems to be that one of them is tired of the ‘friends with benefits’ situation and craves something more, something deeper.

How does a person approach such a sensitive subject? How much risk is one prepared to take when the worst case scenario is that you lose the gamble and you end up alone? Would you do it or keep the status quo? Those are some of the questions that get answered in this story and I found the tactics employed to accomplish the HEA very interesting indeed.

Another thing I enjoyed was the differences between a man’s thinking versus a woman’s. The dialogue moved the story right along and kept my interest. The ‘Aha!’ moment was quite an amusing scene to read and brought the story to a wonderfully romantic pivotal moment. If you are in the mood for a quick story brimming with passion and romance, with an eyebrow raising conclusion, then Public Displays of Affection is an ideal recommendation.

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