Paranormal is fun!

When I first started writing it was all contemporary and then on a dare I wrote a paranormal. And fell head over heels in love!  My own world where my characters are not constrained by modern ideals. I have several paranormal series.  There is my Island Guardians which consists of five books, all complete, that tell of an island of women taken over by a warrior nation and how they learn to work together.  There is Shifters’ Veil which is my werewolf series about a group of weres that live in a hidden valley with old school ways of treating their women. Can I just say yummy! And finally Blood Magic about the power of magic, blood and a mutual enemy.

Blood Magic: Warrior’s Dawn, Shifter’s Delight, and Rogue’s Rage all by Lacey Thorn
Magic can come in all forms. Some is inside and some is outside. The strength of the warrior. The possibilities of the shifter. The hidden talents of the rogue. The magic in the palm of a mage. And the royal joining that can lift a curse. Magic can come in all forms but it is the magic that lies within the blood that will unite them and bring an island nation to a new beginning. Blood Magic.

Shifters’ Veil: White Valley, Into The Mist, and Through The Veil all by Lacey Thorn

White Valley
Lacey Thorn
Dakota was devastated when she caught her fiancé with another woman, so she heads to what she thinks is familiar ground for a little rest and relaxation.
Sebastian and Dimitri Cordova are surprised when they stumble upon an unknown woman bathing in the bridal pool in White Valley. The sacred waters are used only to help prepare a woman for joining with her new mates—werewolf mates. Determined not to leave her to suffer a sexual awakening on her own, the brothers do what any good werewolves would do. They claim her as their own.

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