Out of Her Dreams by Fran Lee

Out of Her Dreams by Fran Lee
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Short (128 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by: Fern

She’s a best-selling erotic romance writer. Her fans adore her. She’s making excellent money. All by writing about a man she dreamed up many years ago. Her hero is handsome, virile, sexy, strong, sensitive and a complete gentleman.

He’s a hot-headed, sex-on-the-hoof pro wrestler. He has a reputation for being the hottest, nastiest man on the mats. The fact that his face and body are plastered all over a bunch of mushy romance novels written by a woman with a death wish doesn’t sit well on those massive shoulders. His agent’s demanding monetary retribution from the woman who’s dared to use his image on her covers but he has another form of retribution in mind…and it has nothing to do with money.

She was his the moment he touched her. He came out of her dreams to claim her, and she wants every hot, throbbing inch of that delicious man.

He wants her, naked, at his mercy. One hot, orgasmic night wasn’t nearly enough. She ran…but he’ll find her.

I must confess that I was tickled silly to be able to review Out of Her Dreams. It’s been on my TBR list for far too long, and the opportunity to read this little gem was too good to pass up! A romance author writing about a man from her dreams that actually exists…can you imagine? So many ways to go with this one, and I’m delighted to say, it was one fantastic journey.

Out of her Dreams hits the ground running, in a crowded bookstore with our heroine; the notoriously popular novelist Samantha Hastings. The scene is set, the characters are in place, and just like a ready-made box of delicious Betty Crocker brownies, just add water. Or in this case our hero, David Chance, AKA the notorious bad boy wrestler, Chance Braza. Saying the sparks fly is putting it mildly. When Sam and David get a taste of one another, the temperature goes nuclear. You’ll pant and writhe and groan right along with them, and when it’s all said and done, you’ll dust yourself off and ask for some more.

But great sex aside, the true beauty contained within is the story. Sam and David are incredibly different, but oddly enough, it is their fear of expressing their feelings that keep them apart. This is one of those tales where you’ll want to slap the protagonists upside the head–something David would totally do to an opponent, by the way–smack them around a little, and yell, say I love you already! But it’s not done in such a way that it’s annoying or melodramatic. Instead, it’s a slow progression, watching as they lose themselves in one another. It will warm at your heart at times, and break it at others. There is nothing so great as a book that keeps you teetering on that precarious emotional teeter-totter, but rewards you so wonderfully for the effort in the end.

Of course, no story would be complete without comic relief, and I got that in spades when Sam attends her first wrestling event. You’ll laugh so hard you’ll cry, and just when you think it’s over, you’ll get more of the same and cackle like a hyena. Truly one of the greatest scenes you’ll read, because as it’s happening, you can literally picture the chaos. Excellent stuff, I tell you.

Be sure to put Out of Her Dreams on your TBR pile. You’ll get witty characters, a wonderful story, sizzling sex, and that little tugging courtesy of the heartstrings. I cannot wait to read more from Fran Lee.


  1. Wow! Thanks so much for this fabulous review! I am sooo happy you loved this book. It was so much fun to write!

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