Once A Mistress by Debra Mullins

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Once A Mistress by Debra Mullins
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Historical
Length: Full length (247 pgs)
Heat level: Hot
Rating: 4 stars
Reviewed by Meadowsweet

Her love will capture the ultimate treasure—his heart.
Diana Covington is a dutiful daughter with a boring future all mapped out for her. A shipping fortune and lush Jamaican estate that will someday be hers, a husband of her father’s choice. Romance and Caribbean adventure exist only in her dreams, in which the Black Spaniard, El Moreno, plays a starring role.

Until she is kidnapped by the evil pirate Marcus, and her girlish fantasies quickly turn to nightmares.

Alex Rawnsley’s dark Spanish looks makes him the perfect choice to take on the identity of El Moreno. His mission is to bring Marcus to justice, but his heart thirsts for blood. Vengeance for his brother’s murder is within his grasp when Diana’s kidnapping throws a hitch in his strategy.

Snatching her from Marcus’s clutches is easy enough, but what to do with her now? He cannot return her home lest she be taken again. He has no choice but to keep the distracting, innocent beauty aboard his ship. In his cabin. In his bed. The temptation to make her his own grows stronger by the hour…but opening his heart to love may forever close the door on his quest for revenge.

Pirates, damsels in distress, massive ships and tropical islands make the perfect setting for an amazing romance. This story is bursting with action, a beautiful well-to-do woman chased by a less than reputable guy refuses his advances, is kidnapped by one pirate and rescued by another. The sparks fly and romance ensues. Add in an outraged father, pirates with and without honor, a bit of intrigue, a Spanish barmaid, and a hunt for revenge and you have the perfect mix of excitement, romance, and a just plain good story.

The character development in Once a Mistress is good. The plot line is well done, flows nicely and with solid transitions. The settings are descriptive, vivid and accurate and the historical details are well done without any obvious inaccuracies. The book was originally published in 1999 by Avon books and it is a delight to see the book return with a new publisher.

Some stories are classic, they stick with you and sweep you off your feet. The storyline in this book moves smoothly without any wild details or crazy situations. The situations are close to reality and that makes the story all the more believable. You can see yourself on the ships, feel the salty wind and enjoy the romance that goes with being on the high seas and dealing with pirates, and tropical locations. There’s also something special about a girl growing up from the protected child/woman to a strong independent woman willing to fight for love and stand for what she believes in with a tall, dark, handsome man who gives up revenge for love.  Once a Mistress was a book I thoroughly enjoyed.

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