Night Critters 2: Faux Paws by Lena Austin and Tuesday Richards

Night Critters 2: Faux Paws by Lena Austin and Tuesday Richards
Publisher: Changeling Press
Genre: Contemporary, Paranormal
Length Short
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by Bittersweet

Lucky Thornburn, a Faux Paws, or shifter-born who can’t shift, meets a half-angel named Charm. Charm doesn’t need or want his chivalry, but she’s literally trouble on the wing. She wants to renovate her mother’s old house into a home for foster children just like Charm needed as a child before she was adopted. Lucky’s cold-hearted brother wants the same property for a shopping mall, so Lucky joins in Charm’s renovation project in defiance of his brother.

Once Lucky experiences Charm’s, well, charms, they become a team anyone would be fool to mess with. But JR isn’t going to give up so easily. And Charm? Well, Charm’s not going to give up at all. And Lucky’s coming right along with her, because he’s discovered something with the sexy Nephylum he never thought he’d find — which just might be enough to sway his nemesis of a brother.

Amazing, exciting, funny, imaginative, sexy and spicy, all neatly tied up in a bundle called, Night Critters 2: Faux Paws got me releasing my wild side. I’ve never been one for werewolves stories, but I must admit that Lucky, the adorable Faux Paws (I wasn’t sure what that meant until I read the story) won me over, with little more than a blue glance and a roguish but sweet attitude. And that was only the beginning; I had never heard of such things as a Nephylum, but wow! The fiery wings, the indomitable spirit, the revival Goth look, Metallica… I loved every piece of it! Even the bad guys had a something special.

But not only the characters were good, the story in itself was a neat web which quickly got me trapped: the way the characters meet, how their casual thoughts about each other slip in, the spicy and funny things they throw at each other and which got me smiling with anticipation and of course, the tension when they were separated, the happiness when Lucky made a complete change, and the funny, sometimes accidental, but always hot and steamy wild sex.

Night Critters 2: Faux Paws is a definite good, fast read. I’ll be looking forward for more stories from Ms. Austin and Ms. Richards.


  1. Thank you very much for this lovely review. I’ve a huge fondness for Lucky and Charm. Please look for their daughter to make her own mark in “Bad Fur Day.”

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