My Lady by Shiloh Walker

My Lady by Shiloh Walker
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Length: Full (161 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4 cherries
Review by Lotus

In the darkest of nights, hope shines through.

Pawn in her father’s maniacal quest for power, Princess Nae Corda doesn’t see any way of escaping her impending marriage to the leader of the Oonkaen. That is until a dark shadow enters her prison-like bedroom—and offers her hope.

King Tyan will do anything to save his kingdom and the lives of his goblin people—even if it means flying into his enemy’s land to steal away an elvish princess. Ty has plans for Princess Nae. What he didn’t plan on was falling for her—heart, wing and soul.

But in a world where war, dragons, lies and danger lurk everywhere, the future is uncertain at best.

Warning: This title contains dragons, goblins and elves all behaving badly.

There’s a kind of romance that features swinging sleeves and soaring dragons, dark princes and, above all, political machinations that must be solved by marriage. This is the kind of romance that founded the genre and, lucky for us all, it hasn’t yet died out. My Lady is that kind of romance. From the first pages Walker reveals a world of castles and cottages, plains and cities, where bravery and chivalry are present in men and women both, and where wars are fought justly, and treaties must be upheld. It is a story where an elf princess can fall in lust, and then love, with a goblin prince, and where that can actually solve everything.

That’s not to say that My Lady doesn’t have its faults—the business of deflowering poor Nae is epic in its pain and gore, and the sex scenes have a contemporary feel that the rest of the story doesn’t—but these are far outweighed by its successes. Nae is a realistic princess, hapless and tough, brave and complicit. She approaches everything that happens to her with an honesty and level-headedness that is all too rare in romantic heroines. Ty is perfect for her. He is older, steadier, more experienced, and yet utterly undone by her strength and honesty. They make perfect sense as a couple, and it is a joy for the reader to watch them overcome all their self-imposed obstacles to move towards their happy ending.

My Lady would be almost embarrassingly blissful and by-the-book if it wasn’t for its underlying theme of tragedy and reality. This is a story about nations at war. People die, sometimes horribly, and without regard for rank and importance in the story. And you will feel the death, almost as keenly as the characters do. You really, really want everything to work out all right in the end, no matter what the odds. That’s magical, and it’s the essence of old-fashioned romance. Read My Lady if you’re prepared to be swept away into a world where the just will always win, and love will always triumph. And there be dragons…

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