Monday Spotlight: Pauline Baird Jones

In 2007, when my first science fiction romance, The Key, released the number one question I got from readers was, “Why science fiction?” (With release of Girl Gone Nova the question now is, are you just writing science fiction romance? The answer to that is: I don’t know, but for sure until I finish the story arc I started in The Key.)

To be honest, I didn’t realize I’d written a science fiction romance at first. In fact, I went out of my way to call it action/adventure romance. I thought I’d written a classic, Pauline Baird Jones novel, in a different setting. I mean, I’m the gal who almost flunked chemistry in high school (I was, apparently, writing fiction then, too.). And the book before The Key was a time travel to World War II (Out of Time). How does one make the mental leap from World War II to space?

My first answer is: with your eyes shut!

My second answer is that the leap isn’t as big as it first appears. Even my contemporary romantic suspense novels have been trending towards action/adventure romance and at their heart, at their core, my science fiction romance is action/adventure romance, too. But I never thought I’d launch any characters into space.

Having done it, I have to say, it’s a lot of fun. I get to sit at home and go into space. I get to vicariously fly cool space ships and shoot high tech weapons at funky alien bad guys. Forget the mile high club. This is romance in another galaxy. And since the science is made up, that hasn’t been a huge problem either. Who knew my early science fiction writing on those high school tests would serve me so well now?


  1. Enjoy the ride, Pauline. I believe we can and should denounce the axiom write about we know. Much luck to you.

  2. Many thanks, JD! I am TOTALLY not writing what I know. LOL! And thanks for taking the time to stop by. 😀

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun. I’m a firm believer in writing what makes you happy and discovering after where it fits later.

  4. thanks, Gina! I seem unable to change that paradigm, so I must believe it, too. LOL!

  5. If you write from the heart, your work will be right for you and right for the reader. Humans have long gazed at the stars and looked toward the heavens with a wondering eye!

  6. that is so true, Virginia! Don’t seem to be able to write any other way. And I like it. lol!

  7. Good thing you are venturing into new worlds – otherwise I’d be “boldly sitting here going nowhere”! Can’t wait for your new book!!

  8. LOLOL! I’d be boldly going no where,too. Thanks for stopping by!

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