Monday Spotlight: Lyrical Press

When I wrote ‘Djinn’, I set out to write a piece of erotica that had as much true, character-driven story to it as it did hot, smokin’ sex. That’s how it started. What it turned into was an exploration of the nature of submission: submission running so deep that it was an integral part of the character’s motivation. Running so deep that she takes honest joy in it. Running so deep that she is delighted with those who have power over her… all of them… no matter who they are or what they do.

Along the way, it also became about breaking through your own natural constraints to do what is necessary. The djinn is the most fluid of beings, able to change her gender, her shape, gifted with the most broad range of magical powers. Yet she has the most powerful of constraints, unable to go against her master’s will, if she knows it, whatever may be his expressed wish.

And in the end, ‘Djinn’ is a deeply erotic story, touching on the erotic powers of fear, of dominance, of control and of freedom from control. Everyone’s boundaries are tested in this story, including mine. After all, I didn’t set out to write about these deep concepts. Theme, as one of my favorite authors once said, is an emergent property of the writing, not the place to start. ‘Djinn’ took me to many places I wasn’t planning to go, and ultimately, that’s why I write any story.

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