Monday Spotlight: Lainey Bancroft

My second short story published with The Wild Rose Press, “Dare to Dance,” actually won an honorable mention in Harlequin’s Ultimate Reunion Contest. This was quite an accomplishment, seeing as I’d won the Ultimate Proposal Contest a few months before that (which netted me four books every month for an entire year!) So I thought the story might be worth getting out there. I took my original entry of around 900 words (entries to the contest had to be under 1k) and expanded it to about 5k.

“Dare to Dance” is the story of three, forty-something divorced friends. They laughingly call themselves the 3-D Club—deceived, discarded, and divorced. Alexandra, Suzette and Riana get together annually and challenge one another to do a little something out of their comfort zone. Alexandra Reynolds is at center stage. The story was well received by reviewers and readers, but then a couple emails trickled in from readers who were unhappy with me because I had only given one of the friends a Happily Ever After. One lady in particular wanted to know if there was a reason I’d chosen to have the, “skinny blond get the man instead of the chubby redhead.”

Oops! Sorry, Deb. And thanks. Because of your question, the 3-D Club became a trilogy. You can read about Suzette’s story in “Ready to Reel” which recently won the fantastic honor of LASR’s 2008 Short Book of the Year! ‘The chubby redhead,’ Riana, waltzes into the next great chapter of her life in “Waiting to Waltz” (which was also nominated as a LASR Book of the Year!) Award winning author, Kat Henry Doran had this to say: “At last! Riana Walker has the spotlight all to herself—and richly deserved. For the third time, Lainey Bancroft has not disappointed us with her belly-busting humor and the realities us generous-sized women share.”

Is it any wonder I have a soft spot in my heart for my 3-D Club? These stories all got terrific reviews, but because they didn’t officially release as a trilogy, there was some confusion from people who had read book two and not book one and thought there were too many characters in there for no apparent reason.

Again, oops. So when a popular ebook retailer was looking for a short read, I jumped on the opportunity to write a set up. “Resurrecting the 3-D Club” will give you a glimpse at how it all started and hopefully make you want to see Alexandra, Suzette and Riana find their HEA! You can read an introduction to the 3-D Club here on Friday.

Although I love to read series romances, it never really occurred to me to write a series. I had so much fun with this one, I can’t wait to dive into the next.

How about you? Do you read series? Write them? Share your favorites!


  1. I love series! They’re just so…comfortable. You know some of the characters and you’re used to the writer’s voice. Reading a book in a series is like touching base with an old friend.

  2. Lainey I am a fan of this series… They are terrific stories and set in a place that I have actually been to many times. It makes them all the sweeter to read knowing they are so close to home…

  3. Lainey, they sound like great stories. Congratulations.

  4. Lainey, these sound like such fun stories! I hope my current book is the first of a stand-alone series. So, yes, I do like them. And there are too many to pick a favorite.

  5. I love series and this one sounds great.

    congrats on the LASR book of the year.

  6. Sandy! I agree. I love that ‘developing relationship’ you get with an author and the characters in a series.

    Thanks, Kathleen! Like you, I enjoy reading about places I can relate to, picture in my head and have fond memories of. Hope you’re answering the LASR questions. You have a chance at an autographed copy of ‘Settling Back,’ which is set in the Kawartha Lake District.

    Hi, Linda. Thanks!

    Absolutely, Edie…so many series’, so little time. I can’t wait to check out your series. I’m sure it’ll be great.

    Thank you, robynl. I hope you’ll check out the 3-D Club–maybe you’ll win it here!

  7. I love series books. Your 3-D club sounds like fun. It’s great that the three can be clearly put together as a series!

  8. It sounds like you have a wonderful sense of humor and just the knack for developing a variety of characters that can appeal to everyone. 🙂

  9. Hi Lainey, I love the 3-D concept! I’ll have to go and have a look for this series. Yes, there’s definitely something comforting about a series.

  10. Many congratulations, Lainey, on a super series!

  11. Lainey, isn’t it great when a reader comment triggers another story? I love that you turned it into a series.

    I like series books as long as they aren’t basically the same story as told by different characters as was the most recent I read. I want a series to actually continue and grow, not rehash. I think characters have to be pretty strong to hold my interest for more than one book, though.

  12. Congratulations Lainey, these sound like gret stories.

  13. Lainey, “Dare to Dance” sounds like an interesting read. I imagine the girls of the 3-D Club, deceived, discarded, and divorced get into some interesting escapades.

  14. What a great post, Lainey! I’ve gotten hooked into more than one series and, then, I become addict-like and MUST read ALL of them. Which is fine if there are 3-4. The obsession is still manageable then. But it can start getting scary when there are 13-14 books involved :-).

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