Monday Spotlight: Denyse Bridger

Today I thought I’d talk about my very first Ellora’s Cave  release, which came about in an odd way, even by my standards! The idea for HIDE AND SECRET began as a stray thought, because in an odd way, through the wonderful entertainment of role-playing that has emerged on Facebook, I was inadvertently cast in the role of the “other woman” without realizing it. 
Friends and acquaintances abound when you’re a public person, as authors tend to be in this wonderful cyber world. I’ve been friended in recent months by a vast array of vampires, demons, lords and werewolves, to name a few. One of them began a flirtation, and me being me, I played along. It ended up being a case of chat and fun via PM, too-and I told him at one point that I felt like his other woman… the idea stayed past the laughter, and I wrote a fictional journal entry and called it “The Secret That He Keeps” and posted a piece of it on FB. I thought that would be an end to it, but Quinn and Bella weren’t through talking, so I went back and added more to the piece. At this point, I didn’t actually even know their names, or if they’d tell me enough about their story to create something that could be published! 
I showed the piece to a friend, more or less as “mind-candy” and to give her a laugh. She surprised me; she wanted to read more, and felt it was a very sexy and alluring story… as I wrote more, I also started to recognize who I was writing about-a friend who plays the role of Qhuinn Longstrong on Facebook…. (He’s from J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood books.) So, I channeled my friend Qhuinn and gave the hero his name. A few more beta reads and my partner on this one suggested that it go to Ellora’s Cave… Imagine my surprise when it was contracted! So, who knows? What began as a stray thought has become a five-star rated erotic “Quickie” for one of the most respected publishing houses in the business! Now I’ve been asked to tell more of Quinn and Bella’s story so there will be a sequel and probably a prequel, too!!!


  1. Hehehe…but your standards are so skewed anyways. I am so proud of you, I know that this was a major accomplishment and goal of yours.

    The story is fabulous! And I can’t wait for more…now would be good…LOL.

  2. That’s a great “new-book” story! Hopefully there will be many more because this sounds like a good book 🙂

    smaccall @

  3. Now you have me hooked. As a still newbie on Facebook and Twitter (embarssed to admit I had accounts on both sites but rarely used them in fear of a couple of internet troll who continue to haunt me) I still am amazed at the content and characters that abound on both sites. I could just imagine all the stories that could be told about the two sites, and now have put your book on wishlist.
    Congrats on the contract, and I so enjoy reading your books *S*


    pommawolf @ hotmail dot com

  4. You know I’m a HUGE fan of your Quinn 🙂 Hide and Secret is an AWESOME read!

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  8. Finally able to squeezee in this past week…a little piece of chocolated! Would love to see how their romance bagan!

  9. I am happy to hear that there will be more of Bella and Quinn! Looking forward to reading the next installments of their story.

  10. I haven’t been able to read the full story but the excerpt you posted was HOT! Congrats!!

  11. Hi lovely Denyse,

    Its great to hear where ideas come from, good luck with all your stories and characters – long may they keep chattering to you.

  12. Sounds like an intriguing Quickie you got there, Denyse! 🙂

  13. Thanks, everyone! I certainly never expected so much to evolve from a stray thought idea…. but it’s been great!

    Hugs to all…

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