Monday Spotlight: Annie Marshall

I started late in the game when it came to reading romance novels. Most of what I loved to read was ghost stories, mysteries, medieval history, and travel books. I loved the fact that I could pick up a book and go anywhere.

At the time it all started, I was in the Army, so there was always the necessary task manual that needed studying and let’s face it, reading romance would have undoubtedly set me up for a ton of ribbing from the guys.

I was twenty years old when I was standing in the Army and Air Force Exchange Service bookstore looking for something new to read and nothing was striking my fancy. As I was getting ready to leave empty handed and disappointed, one of the sales clerks opened a box and pulled out this dark pink book with a silver gauntlet holding a white rose on the front cover. The title A Knight in Shining Armor popped out in bold white letters by an author named Jude Deveraux. So entirely on a whim, I bought the book because after all, wasn’t it a sin to walk out of a bookstore empty handed?

That evening after dinner was over and the dishes were done, I grabbed the book off my end table and began to read.

I laughed, then I cried, then I laughed again as I read through this exquisite tale of heartbreak, desire, and mystery. And then they kissed. Wow was all I could say and I couldn’t get to the next page quick enough. Then there I was towards the end of this time-travel tale when the unthinkable happened. I fell madly in love. The romance, the humor, the happily-ever-after had my heart and mind in its grasp and before I knew it, I was greeting the sunrise as I read its last page.

I set the book down on my coffee table and exhaled; again, wow. Then with a yawn, one would think that sleep was in order. Oh, no. All I could think of was more.


  1. That’s exactly how I feel about really good romantic fiction. Wow. When you find a story that follows you, that you find yourself thinking about days afterward, that’s when you know you’re hooked. What a great feeling it is…

  2. Knight in Shining Armor was one of my first romance reads. Loved it. One of these days, I’m going to re-read it. I wonder if I’ll like it as much as the first time. Lovely interview, Annie. Hope all is well with you.

  3. Jude Deveraux was won of my favorite authors when I started reading romances. Since her book was a time travel, did it influence the type of books you write?

    I just want to stand up and clap, Annie. Brava for your time in serving our country. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  4. I also read Jude Deveraux many years ago. I might have to go and find a book or 2 of hers to read again.

  5. The first romance authors that I read were Georgette Heyer, Barbara Cartland, and Jane Aiken Hodge. I still love their work! The author who really made me a historical romance devotee was the late, great Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. Her book, “Ashes in the Wind”, is my all-time favorite romance read!

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