Lust or Love by Lillith Payne

Lust or Love by Lillith Payne
Publisher: Siren Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Length: Short (140 pgs)
Other: M/F
Rating: 4.5 Cherries
Review by Cherokee Rose

Carly was careful not to contact Glen after their one night of passion, accepting his affections without guilt, rationalizing their encounter as exploration. She left him without saying goodbye, wanting more but afraid he wasn’t ready for commitment. She didn’t anticipate the desire she’d still feel for him a year later.

Glen throws himself into his work after his ex-wife’s betrayal, determined never to give his heart away again. But after one night of amazing sexual abandon with Carly, he can’t stop fantasizing about her. When he sees her at his brother’s wedding a year later, he’s overwhelmed by the memories they share, the way she felt, smelled, tasted…

After the weekend festivities are over, Carly fears Glen will return to his private world, one she doesn’t think she belongs in. But now Glen is reluctant to walk away when Carly has him so mesmerized. This time around, are they ready to determine whether it’s lust or love they’re feeling?

“This story formed in my mind shortly after receiving the invitation for my high school reunion. Having moved away shortly after, I began to wonder what happened to my friend, Patricia, and her older brother I used to fantasize about. This is my version of one way things might have worked out.” ~ Lillith ~

Carly has accepted her one night with Glen for exactly what it was — a one-night stand. Or so she thought.

Carly walked away from Glen after sharing a night of passion with him because she knew what she wanted from him going in. Glen wasn’t in the mind frame for getting involved in a committed relationship. Carly just wanted her chance at pleasure and she gets it.

After the way his ex-wife hurts him, Glen isn’t looking to become seriously involved with another woman. It would help if he could take his mind off of Carly. It was only supposed to be one night — unexpected, but one night. Yet, with an inevitable reunion coming up, Glen knows he has to do something about Carly, the woman that has plagued his every thought since she walked away from him.

I really liked Carly and Glen. They were character’s I could easily relate to. They were both fighting attraction that neither of them seemed to think they wanted. So why couldn’t they stop thinking about each other? I also liked how the story was broken down. The book was well paced and the plot well developed. Ms. Payne provided us with just enough back-story to fill the reader in on what happened without dragging it out.

Lust or Love is highly engaging and enjoyable. Do yourself a favor and pick up this character-driven romance. You’ll understand why Carly and Glen can’t stop thinking about each other, because I can’t stop thinking about them either! I look forward to reading more from Ms. Payne, in the future.

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