Lady Tara by Leonora Blythe

Lady Tara by Leonora Blythe
Publisher: Untreed Reads
Genre: Historical
Length: Short Story (116 pgs)
Heat Level: Sweet
Rating: 4 stars
Review by Snapdragon

The slender young highwayman who held up Lord Raven’s coach was shocked to discover he had made a terrible mistake. He turned and fled, but not before Lord Raven had put a bullet in his shoulder. It was then Raven’s turn to be shocked. For the wounded highwayman turned out to be a beautiful young woman, the kind of woman the rakish Raven had been seeking all his life–Lady Tara. It was some time before Lady Tara could tell Raven the truth about this frightening masquerade. But when she did, she plunged them both into a dangerous mission that was to change their lives….

The pace of Leonora Blythe’s romance “Lady Tara’ calls to mind some of my favorite historical novels of old. She takes the time to show us each character, from the one dashingly affecting a white cravat to the cloaked and vastly more menacing. Immediately, intrigue whirls around the two gentlemen – or gent and rogue, more correctly. In a twist, the two are setting about some underhanded night’s work… the results of which will shock them as much as us. All too often, spoilers parade around in reviews, and also too often… well figure this, but they ‘spoil’ things.

Blythe’s work is as delightful for its surprises as it is for its characters. This reader was intrigued at the outset of this work, and then utterly enthralled as true identities were revealed. Secondary characters, as well as some servants are also important and very well-developed in this relatively short novel. Historical touches (set in late nineteenth century Britain) seem accurate, and the backdrop is truly a tapestry of places, from the Leather Bottle Inn to the homes of the gentry. Its a straightforward – yet unpredictable – tale that I thoroughly enjoyed. Certainly wished it was longer!

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