Kissable on Valentine’s Day

Happy (early) Valentine’s Day! Would you rather have a diamond bracelet or an offer to do the laundry on Valentine’s Day? I’m more of the do the laundry type. How sexy is that? It’s the little things…

But I do remember one Valentine’s Day gift that left me speechless and kissable. I had mentioned that I wanted this little, oak book shelf that spun like a lazy-susan. I really wanted it. I came home on Valentine’s Day and there were red, paper hearts on the floor with a sign that said “follow your heart.” They were sprinkled across the room, and I followed them down the hall to the family room. There, in the middle of the room, sat my unique book shelf with a big red heart on top. Wow!

What gets you speechless and kissable on Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Oh my gosh! That is so sweet…I love sentimental gifts like that. The hearts of the floor really did it.
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  2. How sweet. For me if he did the laundry or cooked a meal, I would be speachless.


  3. Sweet gifts and and a sweet smile do it every time!

  4. What a really sweet Valentine’s Day gift. That is my kind of romance story. Thanks for sharing it. Linda

  5. I like doing laundry oddly enough, I would say dimond bracelet or something equally sparkly.


  6. What a cool idea for a book shelf! I’ve never heard of a round one that spins. I want one! LOL

    Sweet story:)


  7. Wow, that would be an amazing Valentine’s gift! I agree with Raquel that the trail of hearts made a great thing perfect. My favorite gifts from my husband are books or book-related, like the time he gave me a gift certificate for my favorite local bookstore, then told me he’d be at home with our son and for me to stop at Starbucks on the way to the bookstore and be sure to not come home for hours.

  8. That was so sweet. And the paper hearts, a very nice touch.

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  9. Dang, that’s a good story. So sweet and thoughtful. The big heart on top of the bookshelf was an extra plus!

  10. He’s a keeper, Brenda.

    My favorite gift was the day hubby found a picture of me an our puppy (who had recently passed away). He had it blown up and put in a frame. It had always been my favorite picture of us. I cried when he gave it to me. It had meant so much. Today I use it as my author photo and avatar.

  11. Okay, really weird. My comments to all your lovely comments has disappeared. Glad you all stopped by!

  12. I enjoyed this blog entry, Brenda! :0) I like answering these sorts of questions. Happy V-Day!

  13. Thanks, Kasey. And congrats on our win!!

  14. Whoops, I meant your win – you don’t have to share. LOL

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