In Dreams You Come To Me, Deena Remiel

This poem grew out of a scene in my second Brethren Novel, Relic. It has helped me drift off to sleep many a night. Enjoy!

In dreams you come to me, an enigma of a man
With the whispered promise
Of feathered, teasing kisses
To caress my body
Rapturously and bold

In dreams, my cloistered senses open for you
With my own whispered promise
To submit to all of your desires, and to my own
To take from you, that which you have to offer
Until we are sated
Leaving me bereft at the break of day

I’ve grown addicted to your presence
Distracted with breathless anticipation
I curse the dawn, and bless the twilight
Ushering you back into existence
Back into my world, and my arms once again

I lay me down, and shut my eyes
Tightly, oh so tightly
Forcing my dreams to hasten their return
But oh, how foolish of me
Dreams cannot be rushed
They drift in when they are ready

And you, my dream lover, will sail into my harbor
As destiny permits
Let destiny choose this night
To be the one to last an eternity
With you and me bound by love’s immortality

©Deena Remiel, 2010.


  1. Heh…the picture helps too. 😉

    Very nice all around.

  2. A powerful but sad poem. The pics not half bad either!

  3. wow it a good one and the guy wow hunk
    can i have him for my bd

  4. Oh yeah! Loving this pic and poem. Very hot for Valentine’s Day!

  5. Lovely poem!

  6. Oh, very nice.

  7. Lovely poem and the picture is awesome

    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  8. Thanks so much everyone! Can’t begin to tell you how long it took to find that pic! lol But it translates beautifully from my mind’s interpretation.

  9. Love the poem! Very sensual.

  10. Thank you, doxymom!

  11. I can totally see how that picture would inspire poetry! Great!

  12. Thanks, Laura!

  13. Love the poem! Dreams can be powerful sometimes.

  14. Thanks, Joyce. The scene I’ve fashioned this from is one of my favorite sensual scenes in RELIC.

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